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Hello, Do you know of a free program that can simulate a circular waveguide? I need it to analyze the field distribution in the waveguide and hopefully to design a coax to circular waveguide transition. I'm not very interested in demos, because those are hard to get and limited to 30 days or less. I would prefer a free software,even if (...)
Hello to all, Do you know how to decide transition length from rectangular to circular waveguide converter in dielectric loaded case in HFSS.Here in my case it is loaded with (titanium dioxide) and works in s band(2 -3 GHz). Any idea from the group.
I've been designing step transitions for Rectangular to circular waveguide, and I'm trying to search for any concepts regarding how to determine the optimal dimensions of the intermediate steps for this transition. From what I learned each step length should be kept at least to 1/4 of the guide wavelength, but for the height and width, I (...)
I'm designing a rectangular to circular taper transition in HFSS and CST, but doesn't seem to get it right. How should I define the TE10 for rectangular and the TE11 for circular (they say this is degenerate but i dont undestand what that means) in CST? or HFSS? Can someone explain this to me, and how to do this properly? Thanks! I already (...)
Anybody have the dimensions of the microstrip "lollipop" pattern to get me from the top of a housing, through the housing middle floor, to the bottom of a housing through a coaxial feed thru? Ku band frequency. I need the diameter of the circular part, and the width and length of the handle.
Hi, Maybe it helps: Online calculators help design sheet-metal transitions and cones K.
Hi friends, I am designing an orthomode transducer for which I need to make transition from circular to rectangular port. I want to do it in step transitions. So if anybody can help me, in providing a document to design such a transition, for maximum matched ports. Best regards.
Hi, do you know something about circular waveguide to coax transition design, please? Thank
Hi, do you know, what the best design for circular-to-rectangular waveguide transition? - circular diameter: 18 mm, rectangular: R120 - 19.05x9.525 - 10.7 - 11.7 GHz. I can do transition with S11 < -20 dB, but I need about -30 dB Can you help me ? Thank
Hi, I need help. A have transition from rectangular to circular waveguide. So return loss = X dB. Can you tell me, how is design S matrix ? X in dB is 20log10(S11), so S11 = 10^(X/20) and S matrix is is it true ? Thank
Hi to all, I have to design a circular waveguide to coaxial transition in ku band (10.95GHz-14,5GHz). I am simulating with CST. Please, can anyone help me? Thank you so much in advance. Regards.
well, usually when We speech about wavelength (λ) We mean wavelength of a radiation flowing inside it's proper media. So we speech about λg inside a dielectric. But since λ/4 steps gives often a large enough bandwidth, if You make a mistake and confuse λ and λg and the εr is small enough, the error should be not exc