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1. What does the clock signal do? You have given no indication of the hardware you are using. 2. Did you intend to write this in 'C' or in assembly language, it is a curious mix of the two. Brian.
hint for binary clock with PIC 16f84a: -use bicolor leds, or use plexiglas illuminated by one led to be able to see the 2^n 'th value if each led in the dark
hello im trying to make a pic 16f84a 4 digets 7-Segment clock but i got couple a problems this the design 83640 i got the hex i didnt make a code 83641 the minutes displays are upside down and i dont know the pins in the real 4 digets 7-Segment where is the pins in this 83642[/A
A single 4017 IC (one of ten counter) driven by a slow clock, can operate one light. It's too easy to do it that way of course. Are you only allowed to use gates? Nevertheless the 4017 method can give you ideas how to clarify steps in the project flowchart. - - - Updated
Here is a sample program, which I tested as functional, make changes in your current code accordingly: #include <16f84a.H>// Include header file #fuses XT,NOWDT// Crysral Osc(4Mhz), No watchdog timer #use delay(clock=4000000)// 4Mhz crystal frequency #use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=PIN_A3, rcv=PIN_A2)// to set baud rate, Tx and Rx Pin void
Hiiiiiiii Can any one give me a complete project on Designing a Table clock Using a PIC(16F84 or 16f84a) with the PCB layout and the Circuit Diagram.....And also please include the Codes for the PIC and the Proteus Design as well............ That will be a great help for me because I want to build that plezzzzzz help me:-(:-(
Hi....although i dont have much knowledge about PIC...use timer0 to generate a delay of requires some calcultion like...what is internal clock frequency of the mc...suppose it is 1us...then timer0 increments every 1us...timer overflows after 65536 counts ie (after create a delay of 50ms...(65536-50000): 15536 ie (3CB0 in HE
Hi, This is mikroBASIC code: program Timer_15min 'Microcontroller: Microchip PIC 16f84a 'Compiler: mikroBASIC PRO for PIC v3.20 'System clock: 4MHz 'clock Source: Crystal 'When button is pressed, LED is lit, then waits for 15 minutes, then LED is turned off symbol TriggerPin = PORTA.B0 symbol LEDPin = PORTB.B0 const Fifteen = 90
You can program 16f84a with JDM. There is no significative differences about the two models (one is clock speed and some bit fuses). I have programmed 84A with JDM and no problems ocurred.
Hi all Are anyone has circuit clock used pic 16f84a :?: and 7 Segment decoders and file asm ? Are anyone test it at Proteus ?
Simply create more "counters", that is file registers that get decremented. For example, if your clock is 32.768kHz and if you use TMR0 with a prescaler of 32, then it will overflow in:32768/4/32/256= 1 second. That is, every time TMR0 overflows you know that a second has elapsed Every time it overflows, you decrement a counter (initialized with
----YOUR CODE------ #include <16f84a.h> #fuses Hs,NOWDT,NOPROTECT <----if you use a 4Mhz cristal, its XT #use delay(clock=4000000) #byte PORTA = 5 #byte PORTB = 6 #include <------in my ccs, this driver doesn't exist!!! main(void) { char x,y,z; <-------------- try a 'in
Salam ahmad List the full program to help you. What is the PIC16f84a clock value (4Mhz or 10Mhz) ? Bye
There is no difference between 16f84 and 16f84a in proteus, so only select the ideal clock speed and simulate the schematic.