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I assume you mean 16F887 not 18F887. According to the mikroc help file: Initializes PIC?s internal ADC module to work with RC clock. clock determines the time period necessary for performing AD conversion (min 12TAD). The same text is used in the ADC_Init() help section so your answer would appear to be that the delay is built in t
While not utilizing mikroc, there are several issues which should be mentioned. What are the current configuration register settings? Has the watchdog timer been disabled? What is the actual System clock Frequency (Fosc)? Has the PLL been enabled? Has the Fosc been entered into the proper mikroc setting? I suspect the UART routines rely (...)
ConnectEve Analog clock and ProgressBar Project. i have used this TFT. The clock is made using FT800 mikroc PRO PIC32 Library. MCU used is PIC32MX795F512L at 80 MHz but even PIC or AVR can do the job with ConnectEve. VisualTFT is used to make the clock Project. For progress bar adju
What is the maximum PWM frequency that can be generated using dsPIC30F4013 ? I will be using 10 MHz crystal with XT with 8x PLL and the clock frequency will be 10 * 8 = 80 MHz. I will be using mikroc PRO dsPIC Compiler and its PWM Motor Control library.
PPS Mapping simply assigns a peripheral input or output to the specified 'RP' pin. The complication is that the data sheet doesn't refer to the pins by their remapping number but mikroc does. You are mapping pin RP10 to output the USART clock so I assume you are using it in synchronous mode. I suggest you ignore the mikroc instruction and (...)
Should we assume that you are using mikroc compiler ? In any case, appears to be missing more configuration commands for A/D, such as reference voltage as well the pre-scaler clock.
Hi to all, I am into a project of "programmable timer" using real time clock with ds1307, for that I am working with Pic16f1847 and using mikroc pro compiler for programming. I am using 16Mhz internal oscillator for clocking the device. I am using PICKIT3 programmer for building the code. My code is working fine with PIC18f4520 as per my (...)
Which MCU are you using and what clock are you using ? Post your circuit. Mention the connections between MCU and LCD.
problem was the LCD was not working well. all other functions are working well. Hi; Please attach the whole mikroc project folder (at least the c source, the *.mcppi and the *.cfg files) and the DSN, in one RAR. I think you have a trouble of the PIC clock value ...
Hai, How to enable the clock output for RTC(8563) interfacing with 89C52. I need the coding for this.Please give suggestion. Thanks in Advance
hello, I don't have Proteus and PIC18F4455 with USB i just can show you an example with 18F46k22 with many possibility for FOSC internal or via external Quartz. Maybe is more complicated with USB because need of 48Mhz clock for USB part.. I am not sure that with Q=20Mhz you can satisfied for USB clock =48Mhz but with 16Mhz x 4 => 48Mh
To get help zip and post project files, Circuit and mention clock speed used. Give as much data as possible about the project. Never heard about AVR Tools. Is it AVR Studio or IAR Compiler?
ANSEL and ANSELH registers doesn't exist in the PIC you are using. See if you have to configure ADCON1, CMCON, CVRCON registers instead. Zip and post mikroc project files and mention PIC and clock frequency used. Post a Circuit.
Hi guys I was able to solve the problem ,It was just that i had not set the peripheral clock correctly . I had to set the peripheral clock to Half the sysclk . Thanks .
this is my clock project using 8051 just change the ic and get an led matrix just changing the IC won't do the job you need to write code for 16f877A
Hi all, I use mikroc, can also use Hi-tech C. In the code for my project, I cannot call any function from the interrupt routine. I want particular function to run in my code when i press the switch. I do not want to update any value in interrupt and scan it in idle condition and run according to it. I found that it may be the problem of sta
I Converted this microchip sample code to mikroc Code but it is not working. What is the problem? //Project: Port Expander //MCU: PIC16F877A //clock: 8 MHz //Author: Jayanth Devarayanadurga #define I2CMODE 1 #define SPIMODE 0 #define WrtCmd 0
I generated pulse sequences and I would like to measure the time between two pulses with the same pic not use anther one You can fire a timer after delay_ms(1); and before you call that delay again, you can check the timer counter's value and according to the clock of the MCU, prescaler etc you can use the equations that hope
good morning i got a some information about microcontroller and mikroc compiler and electronics and i found some exmple work on isis using DS1307 but my problem is that i want to build this project and i want to make big seven segment usuing led to show time
I have successfully interfaced pic18f4550 with matrix display using mikroc. Now, I am trying to add PS2 keyboard to the project using the ps2 library provided in mikroc but whenever a key is pressed, it displays something else. Atimes, it will not respond to the key press. I am using standard 101 keyboard(dell). I pulled up the clock and the (...)