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Hi All, I have two clock domains - clk1 and clk2. The clk2 was generated from clk1 and its frequency is 3/5 of clk1. Could these clock domains be considered as synchronous? If they are could not be, then why? Thank you!
Hello all, I am looking at the technical note for high-speed interfaces for a FPGA. It says that the pulse I have to provide can be assynchronous to the clock, but must be at least two clock cycles wide. For me one clock cycle / period is this: . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_ from he
Hi all, im using cadence encounter. For CTS we give tool, clock tree spec file that has inputs like min phase delay , max phase delay and max skew paramters etc. My understanding is that Max skew parameter that we are mentioning is of (...)
what's the main difference between clock jitter and clock skew
the best thing is to up sample the 100khz. you can use pll to multiply the 50khz . then recover the signal and dff it with the 50khz which should be phase alligned to the upsampling clock.
Lets say there is a clock of 10ns and the skew is 1ns.. so the timig path will be checked for 11ns. In which 0-10ns will be clock phase and the 10-11ns will be skew phase.
clock skew is not same as zero phase difference.
The DCM and the BUFG do not really compare. They serve two different purposes. The DCM is a digital clock manager which is a fancy name for a DLL or PLL. This is a complex block and shift clocks in phase, it can change the frequency of the input clock. A BUFG is just a (...)
Assuming you don't mind skew and don't want your generated clock in phase with the main clock, yes that will work.
hi, how do we balance skew for inter clock domain. thank you
clock jetter , is the variaton in the zero crossing edge of the clock , this is crosponding to phase noise but in time domain but clock skew is the clock reach the two circuits with different delay , due to nonsymetric loading , so one circuit will be trigered but the (...)
1) In case of constraints like slew, latency and all how can the RTL Designer generate constraints beforehand. clock skew should be considered as a "spec" or a "constraint" that you need to meet. So it can be decided at the very beginning of a design phase. Although, in most (...)
Dear all, Regarding on the Bang-Bang type and Linear type phase detector for clock Data recovery application, which one is better? It seem bang bang type got large jitter, but with inherent retime data output. Linear type phase detector have better jitter performance while it suffer (...)