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Clock With 8051 Board

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Hi, Iam using ESA51E board, having 80C51BH Ucontroller forn intel. In my code iam trying to Implement real time clock using timer When i check for register values in Win51E they wont get updated, while other values does...(like PC, DPTR...etc). im also using 8255 The change of values takes place in ISR, which is not happening. Interrpt is nt ge
hi every1. i need an assembly source code (not written with bascom) for a digital clock using 8051 microcontroller with 4 7-segments without alarm. i can't find it anywhere. pls help me. i would be greatful. pleaasee....
.pagewidth !160 ; Port A nreset equ 5 ; Reset Output (Open Drain) clk equ 6 ; clock I/O data equ 7 ; Data I/O ; Port B TXD equ 5 ; Transmit Data ; Equates for LED Byte pscrlck equ 4 ; If true, Scroll Lock Pressed pnumlck equ 3 ; If true, Num Lock Pressed cap