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Undervoltage lockout being tickled by weak mains, poor socket connection or a PFC front end problem? Thermal protection toggling due to a die or board level heat issue? control loop instability? Noise issue w/ current mode control at low duty cycles is often a problem, with the turnoff edge coming close to turnon the (...)
I’d just use a sepic, close the loop on input current, so have an external error amplifier “Looking” at the input current……set the reference voltage on the error amplifier to give you your 0.6A……use the micro to monitor the actual current being drawn……..when its dark, it wont be able to draw 0.6
Open loop or close loop application? Is there a control IC used? If it's closed loop, there must have malfunction, and please firstly check the feedback point voltage.
Hi I'm a second year electrical engineering undergraduate and I am hoping to demonstrate PID controlling (motor or temperature control)using a micro controller. Still im not quite familiar with close loop controlling. I am hoping to use a 8051 uC for this. Would I be able to do this? Is the (...)
Hi every one, I have been working to make a pure sine wave without success. i have achieved it to an extent thou, but i have difficulty in making a close loop inverter. the feedback control has been a challenge. somebody suggest the use of chines made sine wave inverter module the EG8010. i acquire it but i have problem using it because the (...)
Hey this is Rahul s, I a doing my M.E.actually. My project name is GSM based control system for home appliances. In my project i have taken two bulbs of 100 W and 60W .For controlling the power of bulbs i used arduino with zero crossing detector circuit. The project is working nicely but while measuring the power with wattmeter the power get d
Maybe you could try a constant-current source set for 3A. It would be flat up until the point where the voltage on the cap gets close to the rail
The Zc(control charge pump) of MB15E03SL of PLL IC , if connect with PS(power saving) of MB15E03SL of PLL IC. Question 1, Will it happen return current to Zc pin and cause abnormal consumption current of PLL IC ?? Question 2, Will it happen close loop VCO Lock Time abnormal?? because while measuring Lock Time , it's happened (...)
I am trying to control a dc motor using closed loop.On using a P controller Here is your controller block diagram.... 71976 You should show your circuit implementation , so we can help you.
For simplicity you'd probably want a single controller and inductor (transformer). However that scheme has the issue of "cross-regulation" (one supply, or a summed product of them, at most can close the loop meaning the control is going to be sloppy for some). The other approach is to consider the highest voltage supply to (...)
Good day To start, I'm new and a novice to power electronics!! I build a flyback converter and the control circuit used a open loop controller. I'm using a input of 220V 50Hz and the output I need to achieve is 15.8V 1.3A for a 20W LED. I'm using the discontinious mode flyback converter. The problem is that I need a close (...)
I design a system with micro controller PIC 16F88 The micro controller need to control the velocity of the motor because of this I use PWM output and Hall Effect sensor that transmit pulses The system is use close loop control My problem is that I don't succeed to use the micro (...)
i wont to change this project to close loop i use resistance and feedback shaft encoder sensor i wont change in code in mikroc code unsigned long kp,speed=0,speed1=0,old=0; char speed2,kp,x=1; char key={'x','x',3,2,1,'x',6,5,4,'x',9,8,7,'x',10,0,11},txt; void main() { trisc=0; Pwm_Init(5000); delay_ms(2
I have a push pull converter with mulptiple outputs and it is working well in open loop. I would like to close the loop by implementing voltage mode conrol. I wanted to use TL494 but the information there is inadequate. Is there any other chip I could use without going the digital route?
Hi all. I want to develop an m file that can be used to analayze the close loop system and then drive the system with a step input or ramp input or impulse input, then i want setting time andpercent overshoot and steady state error. I can work with matlab toolbox and calculate these but the question is that work with m file and i have no id
Hi... I wish to control the speed (close-loop control with speed feedback) of a dc motor via PWM field winding voltage control (see attached figure). Do I need any diode in the circuit? Is the voltage seen at the terminals of field winding "ripple free"? Is the current flowing through the field winding (...)
1) Since the thyristor is semicontrolled switch, by using it in a AC/DC bridge, is there any way to design a close-loop control?? 2) Since the output DC voltage depends on the firing angle, how to vary the start angle α for thyristors in circuit design??
huh? synchronous motors are close loop also. your current must be inphase with the back-EMF of the motor or it doesn't work! true you don't have to control the position, regulate the position if you don't want to - it is optional on synchronous motor. but you definately must be aware of the position and at least route that signal to (...)
Torque has a close relationship to current, so the inner loop regulates the torque. The setpoint for the torque is derived from the speed controller. So the speed controller asks for a torque needed to maintain a certain speed. Dividing the control loop in stages like this has the (...)
Hello, I am looking for a chip similar to TDA1085. It's closed loop and can control an Universal Motor (the one inside many domestic tools). The question is, do you know similar chips. The problem with the TDA1085 is that it needs a tachogenerato rto close the loop, but my motor doesn't have one. It seem (...)