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128835 1)shunt inductor used to increase bandwidth but why it also increase the speed of cml by 50% 2)On figure b, how did a inductor becomes a resistor and why? 3)Since the cml using NMOS and PMOS, can it directly interface with CMOS logic?
The best for common mode immunity in high speed is 50 Ohm differential current mode logic (cml) with microstrip and controlled matched termination impedance but this may be overkill for you. Historically 50 years ago many old computers like PDP-8 from DEC were initially flawed for high speed communication between computers until they paid (...)
Hi, For the design of a cml based XOR gate, at low frequency it works fine. As I increase the frequency ~1GHz, the o/p has a delayed rise time. What parameters do I need to change to get the accurate waveforms? W/L ratios in the attachment Schematic Waveform [URL="obr
recently, i need a cml dff as sampler in Rx, as the data speed rate is very high up to 40G ,so the DFF should be designed carefully, hower ,i don? know how to assess the DFF , in some papers , i saw that i need to get the sensitivity curve, the voltage needed as the sample point offset from the middle of data, and bandwidth. could someone tell me
Keith Uploaded as well.
No you cannot use the digital gates at these frequencies. You need cml for the first few divide-by-2 stages and then few TSPC stages before the static CMOS dividers can be used.
A properly designed CMOS differential stage could receive the cml signal. But "properly" is the question. A constant current tail source is good for DC accuracy across operating range, but will tend to reduce bandwidth (source impedance is high). cml is about speed, not accuracy.
I am trying to learn about cml and GTL drivers for high speed interconnect. Please recommend a few good reference texts and if possible, articles and papers in professional journals that can help serve as a starting point. Thanks
Hello everyone, i am designing an interface circuit for differential signals, such as cml, lvds at the moment. At college i ve learned so much in analog world, and however, find that, the analog design for digital signalling is totally others... designing an differential amp for LVDS receiver, most of the paper give us a structure, without di
At GHz speed, they are most likely using some kind of differential logic (cml, for instance).
I use cml divider to generate quadrature signal. Should the input clock to cml be fully differential? A group of digital divider outputs "clk" and "clkb" just is inverse of "clk". If using "clk" and "clkb" as cml input, what problem will be have?
hi, I have a differential cml Buffer with resistance as load. It runs at 20G/Hz. What's the reasonable way to get the DC value for one output ? Best Wishes Gang
hi, I am designing a very high speed Flash ADC. I use cml circuit And if my input frequency is 2 GHz. And i use several open-loop amp to amplify the error signal to rail-rail(cml swing). obviously, this will cause power and large delay. But if this work, how can i determine the sample rate, because there is no clock used in my (...)
Different high speed logic families can work at the GHz range. For example, current mode logic (cml) and dynamic logic. Actually, these two families are used for frequency dividers for PLLs working at multi-GHz frequency.
Advantages: High speed: optimize the first divde-by-2, even cml circuit can be used if speed over several GHz; Low power dissipation: put more current on the first divde-by-2, less on the others; so it's power efficient; Small size: design the low frequency divide-by-2 with TSPC circuit Easy implementation: just conn
Hello, Any help below would be much appreciated. I am implementing a PLL (Frequency Synthesizer), the output of the VCO is to be 26 Ghz and the input is 812.5 Mhz. I plan to use a couple of ILFDs and a static divider. I am implementing the following cml logic style static divider in 130nm CMOS and cannot get the frequency to divide by 2 in
there are many techniques , like injection locked dividers , and miller dividers , but the main stream now are using flipflops with cml operation so the divider can work in very high frequencies khouly
1 )usually the output of the 1st divider is a cml differential output , so u need some kind of differential to singal ended conversion , usually a high speed OTA can be employed , this also will act as a buffer , if u designed it carefully 2) the caps , will be in the order of RF short circuit , so it don't distort the output singal , the D
ECL stands for Emitter Coupled Logic .It's a high speed logic family because transistors are never allowed to saturate .Its structure is very similar to the analog differential amplifiers . cml stands for Current Mode Logic .It's another high speed logic family similar to ECL except that one family is buffered at the output while the (...)
I think you've to design the registers and gates the fastest implementation you can .Fast logic families as cml (Current Mode logic) ,ECL(Emitter Coupled logic) or LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling ) can be used .You can also try placing positive skew at long paths to increase clock speed but you have to be careful in oder not to have race a