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I made a netlist of single ended diff amp but I am not getting right curve between input differential voltage and drain currents of differential pair mosfet M1 and M2. Can anyone tell me where I am wrong... .title'differential amplifier' .option acount=0 default acount=1 Vdd 6 0 DC 1.8V Vss 0 8 DC 1.8V c 5 0 1f ibias 6 7 30.5u
... I have a schematic/layout design, I think that I can not create a Verilog-A model from the schematic/layout-extracted. Is there another solution? I don't think so. If you'd know how to write a behavioural model in Verilog-A (or AHDL) you could only send the corresponding symbol together with its behavi
please provide a netlist for full adder simulation with monte carlo analysis i am using 120 nm model. i want to do threshold voltage variation how can we come to know allowable variation for a particular technology say 120 nm thank you
I have tried a simulation in HSPICE with a circuit composed of a ring oscillator( 601 cmos converters),but failed. The library I used is 350nm craft level. The netlist is as follows: .LIB 'D:\HSPICE_sim\SMIC35_SPICE\TD-MM35-SP-2002v5T\ASCII\ASCII\hspice\Enhanced_MS035_v0p6.lib' tt .GLOBAL VSS VDD .PARAM AEMI=0 .PARAM FEMI=1000MEG
Source and drain are permissible to swap, in standard cmos. Only if you have an asymmetric device design (drain-only extended, or source strapped to body internal to the PCell) is this not true. Take up your ideas of "should" with the netlist procedure call, and any layers of subcircuit or schematic below symbol.
I am a first time analogue designer and need help with my Gilbert cell multiplier(cmos 0.18um technology). The problem is that my circuit doesn't bias correctly.I work in low frequency. the output that I need, the plot of four quadrant of multiplier. *Gilbert cell analog 5 .options brief *********************Main circuit**********3 m1
Hai I am presently designing tree multiplier using spice.i want to analyze the power of the circuit can anyone help me to provide some test setup or how to analyze the power of the circuit using spice.
i have send comparator diagram with code and output. plz give me the output. biasing ckt (vbiasn) is given in the fig.20.15 in cmos layout book (jekob bekar). plz give me the output. the output show error. plz help me ****comparator******* .options nomod node list brief POST ingold=1 .option scale=1u .global control .param pvdd=5 **
AFAIR hierarchical netlisting is also possible within Virtuoso's ADE. Usually, netlisting uses the foll. default rep- & stopList: repList "spectre cmos_sch cmos.sch schematic veriloga ahdl" stopList "spectre veriloga" So if your memory cell has a spectre view, the stopList makes sure to netlist the (...)
hello alll... i m bit new to T-spice.. when i searched for 0.13um technology file from MOSIS, i came to know across such words and whatever file i have downloaded could not worked with my netlist which was generated with tspice 0.18um cmos... can anyone explain why?? what are such things?? thank you..
Hello, Iam trying to design and simulate cmos Op-amp. I have done DRC,LVS and QRC without any error here is a screenshot: DRC: Note: there are some warnings however my professor asked us to ignore these errors. LVS: Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Pho
sir/madam, 1.can anyone telme how to write the netlist correct for 6T FinFET SRAM inverter. 2.i have a predictive technology model (PTM) file from Predictive Technology Model (PTM) for 32nm BSIM4 model card for bulk cmos: V0.0 and 45nm sub-circuit model for FinFET (double-gate): V0.0 [for better convergen
Hii all, I'm Designing a cmos Four Quadrant Miltiplier using bias feedback techniques, the schematic for which is attached. I'm using Tanner for simulation. Also, i'm following 0.5 microns technology. The specifications for the transistors are as follow: * SPICE netlist written by S-Edit Win32 7.00 * Written on Nov 19, 2011 at 13:4
dear all; could u help me? i am learning how to use hspice capture and net list environment but i face a problem in using cmos model i need helping in how we include cmos model in net-list for hspice matlab
this is microwind one of the best cmos physical design program it can draw layout , convert to CIF code ,spice netlist ,and 3d view this not a full version it has some limetation but it very good for getting started
Hello everyone, I am doing a simulation to draw the current (Ion) curve of a pmos transistor with different numbers of fingers for a certain width. The currents should decrease when more fingers are applied. while in my simulation result, the current is increasing following the increment of the number of fingers. The code is shown below: *
Hi I'm a undergrad student doing research on H-tree I'm having a hard time writing a Hspice netlist for H-tree. I intend to use synopsys tools for timing and skew analysis. The driver/ buffers are 32nm cmos's Any help with sample netlists, synthesis codes or any piece of advice. If you can't share it in public. you may (...)
I have a working spectre simulation using an nport to load the s-parameter file of the package and a layout extraction for the chip. I need to generate an hspice model, but the netlist fails. I get the following messages: Messages: ERROR: Missing or incorrect master.tag in library analogLib cell nport view hspiceS spice cmos_sch cmos.sch (...)
Hello, I'm trying to simulate a T-flip flop in P-spice I've written the netlist and it runs when i trace the outputs it doesn't Flip or Flop as it has to. i dunno what the problem. Here is my netlist cmos vclk 2 0 pulse(0 5 1n 1n 1n 50u 100u) vT 1 0 dc 5 X1 1 2 6 3 and3 X2 1 2 5 4 and33 X3 3 6 5 and2 X4 4 5 6 and22
This is a netlist to calculate the total input capacitance of a cmos inverter in a low-high transition with HSPICE. but i found the input of the circuit is "IIN" and the its current "1u" is used when "CinLH" is computed. i don't understand it clearly,so plz give some explanation and thanks in advance! the HSPICE netlist lists (...)