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i think you need something like that with an rf module like that
LMC6009 Channel Buffer Amplifier for tft-LCD General Description The LMC6009 is a cmos integrated circuit that buffers 9 reference voltages for gamma correction in a Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (tft-LCD). Guaranteed to operate at both 3.3V and 5V supplies, this integrated
What is a cmos interface for a tft display? Is it compatible with any other interface (VGA, composite, etc...) or can it be in any way? Thanks!
i know that this is no simple task! But i want to convert the analog VGA signal to digital signals for a tft panel. i have my eyes on the AD9884 form analog devices. this converts the analog video signals to digital. but the output is not LVDS outputs: DRA7-0 Data Output, Red Channel, Port A 3.3 V cmos 105?112 DRB7-0 Data