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Hello, I have a question about an antenna simulation with CST Studio Suite. I have a Bowtie-Antenna, which is fed by a balun and a coaxial cable. 132366 I want to simulate the reflection coefficient of this antenna with CST with a differential feeding. Now my problem is, that I do not know which way of designing the an
Hi, I have a problem with my simulation in CST where I have a rectangular cavity with a simple SMA opening as a set of coaxial cylinders with dimensions I have checked to make 50 Ohms. I intend to simulate the resonance of EM waves entering the cavity and I calculated the dimensions of the cavity to fit resonance of around 2 GHz, but when simula
hi, is your coaxial cable is 50ohm? only if your coaxial cable is 50ohm, you will get good response as before (S11 <-20dB). make sure you design 50ohm cable.
hai.. Now I am designing a microstrip patch antenna with coaxial feeding technique....I am using CST microwave studio for simulation purpose..and I am new to that software ...I need to know how to fix a coaxial line in the antenna for feeding purpose by using CST Microwave studio..???
Hello Ghasem, Can you provide a more detailled image/drawing so that I can have a better idea of the physical structure? What is your goal with this structure/simulation? More info may give us the opportunity to help you better. Generally spoken, when a coaxial cable sees a load that causes reflection (that means |S11| <> 0), the (...)
I try your simulation and it is not possible, because your waveport isn't on a boundary. Instead of making a coaxial cable with vacuum. i would use a lumped port between the matching and the ground plane. For a first simulation this is accurate enough.
Hello , I have create a dipole antenna using cst MWS but with a antenna wire template , i have put the port but i want to put a coaxial cable as feed transmissin line because i want to see the real result for the simulation. Anyone can help in creating the coaxial cable ? It's truly urgent !! (...)
Hello Everyone The Problem i have here is more of a drawing problem in HFSS and not the simulation.I have a co-axial cable that is being used as an element of a bifilar helix,after drawing the helix,from the tip of helix the coaxial cable is to be drawn at 90 degrees from the tip.does anyone have any idea how to do this.i (...)
Hi, there I 'd like to find some reference on simulation of coaxial balun. can anyone give me some advice? also I am confused about the impedance calculation of coaxial of say a EZ90-25 series semi rigid cable. From the datasheet we can see that its impedance is 25 ohms with outer diameter of 90 mils and that of inner (...)
hi.. need to feed an annular slot of avg. radius 7.7mm and thickness 1mm..need to do the simulation in hfss..tried alot..din work yet..wil be thankful if u cud help..
EM simulation software (e.g. CST-MWS), can calculate the current on the surface of conductors from the magnetic field solutions. Does anyone know how this current is calculated and what is it's meaning? In a coaxial cable, for example, is that surface current all the current that flows through the conductors? Or is there current flowing (...)
There are good explanations and cable equations here as well: coaxial cable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hello! I am trying to simulate an Leaky coaxial cable (LCX) on CST. I used the coaxial connector template. I am exciting the cable at one port with a waveguide port. I've changed the boundary conditions to open (add space), except on the waveguide (it is only open). The problem is that the results that I have for S11 (...)
For the purpose of training and education, I am looking for an example of using HFSS to visualize the effect of an antenna connected directly to a coaxial cable. How to visualize the external current in the coaxial and see the difference when connected to a BALUN. Anyone has a model like this?...Or any ideas?
I simulate a micro coaxial cable ,but it always show a waring message, the content is "The current seeting will propably lead to a long very long simulation time". I don't know how to seeting the parameter for my coaxial cable, and can let the simulation time to be right. I (...)
Hello! I'm trying to simulate a Biconical antenna in CST, but I having problems. It should be feed usind a coaxial cable thrugh the cones. Does anyone have some kind of advice for this simulation or any model that have good agreement with measures? I have tried a subgrid-meshing to get enough mesh between the port and the metallic (...)
Hello! I'm trying to simulate a Biconical antenna in CST, but I having problems. It should be feed usind a coaxial cable thrugh the cones. Does anyone have some kind of advice for this simulation or any model that have good agreement with measures? Here is the model I have done, if someone wants to have a look, done in CST 5.2. The (...)
hello abdulh_a; similar questions have been asked frequently in this forum and you can definitly find very good informations by searching the "coaxial" in electromagnetic design and simulation section of the edaboard. some of them:
Hello everyone, I am starting on an antenna related simulation using HFSS 9.2. 1 - I was wondering if anyone has a simple coaxial cable desing that I can import into my project to feed the antenna? 2 - For an antenna simulation should i use a driven terminal solution setup? Thank you Cat
Hi, I am trying to simulate a coaxial cable with the outer conductor stripped at a quatwer wavelength. I cannot seem to get the resonant frequency for 2.45GHz. Does anyone have an example to design for a given frequency. ie. monopole design. Thnaks