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Hello! I am simulating a micro-strip patch antenna, this is one of my first steps in using the coaxial feed, I am following the tutorial to do so but I am getting a worried S parameter plot. How can I explain it?! Note: I am attaching the cst file and the S plot, hope you can help me ? Many thanks :-D 134113
Hi guys! I am here new like in a field of EM simulations. I started to use cst software for simulation microstrip patch antenna @ 5.8 GHz, feed with coaxial probe. I am interested which of the above mentioned solvers are better in sense of accuracy (which will give better matching with measured results of S11 parameter)? In addition if (...)
Hi I read a paper in which exact structure of a fat dipole microstrip antenna is described. My question is about the feeding structure. Is it necessary to set up for example a coaxial feed and its entrance as input port or we can draw port right at the antenna? Is there any difference between ADS, cst, HFSS in this (...)
Howdy mates, These are two 2.4 GHz equilateral triangular patch antenna simulated by cst Studio. One has inset feeding, while the other has a coaxial feed. Hope they could be useful for someone. Attached please find the models. Have a good day Rodeoman
Hello, I am facing this error : "Port number 1 and 2 have overlapping areas in mesh representation. Consider to decrease the port dimension or to refine the mesh distribution." I am trying to simulate this design in cst which uses two coaxial feeds for the lower patch and the upper patch. The coordinates for the feed (...)
I had made a double coaxial slot antenna at 915 MHz in cst microwave studio, the problem is with the feed as it is a cylindrical antenna the problem is with the feed. I had given it waveguide feed but the results are not coming to the cylinderical antenna feed and where (...)
I am having the same problem.Members plz antenna is to be fed from the bottom layer ground, to the patch on the top layer. can someone also give step by step instructions on creating the coaxial port. And secondly r there any formulas to calculate the precise probe feed point of 50 ohm excitation?
I have few questions regarding coaxial connector and coaxial feed design. 1. What type coaxial connector should be used for Microstrip patch when it is fed by probe feed . Can we use normal SMA connector or any special SMA connector available. 2. When designing coaxial (...)
Hi guys, I am trying to feed a microstrip patch antenna with a coaxial probe feed. Till now I m getting nothing although I have read the circular patch antenna tutorial provided in the help manual. Could anyone please suggest the correct method. I am using cst MWS.
make a coaxial line for antenna and then feed it with wave port see patch example of cst
Hi everybody! i designed a patch antenna with coaxial feed by cst, but after simulation, i get a strange results for s-parameter, and gain is about -200 dB and more. can somebody tell me what is wrong with my cst design. f =1.9 GHz , L =22 mm, W=31 mm, dielectric constant 11.9 , h=1.5 mm.95048
Hi, I need to simulate at cst preformence of reflector (dish)antenna (that have the dimension of d=12cm,f=8cm,freq=34.3GHz) and compare to the specsification of the real one reflector antenna I am using the the tamplate from :macros\constract\online\reflector dish but in this tamplate there isn't a feeding point (coaxial line port (...)
I have modeled a microstrip rectangular patch antenna with coaxial feed, if that's what you're looking for I can upload it... Let me know
I am trying to feed a microstrip patch antenna with a coaxial probe feed. Till now I m getting nothing although I have read the circular patch antenna tutorial provided in the help manual. Could anyone please suggest the correct method. I am using cst MWS. I have attached the file as well... Awaiting replies, Regards
Hi Rio, From my brief experience with PIFAs I noticed your lack of a ground plane and your short isn't coupled with one. Also if your going to use a coaxial type feed probe I suggest modelling that too with the use of a wave port. That said, I have modified your design with my suggestions (Find attached) ; although some further tweaks might be nee
Hi guys, I am designing a monopole with two cables attached to it. The ground plane is on top of the substrate and i'm hoping to feed the monopole by a coaxial feed from the bottom of the substrate. I have tried 'picking the face' of the bottom of the monopole and creating a waveguide port, however it comes up with the following (...)
Dear Suraya, feeding of spirals through coaxial cables is very tricky, as you need baluns (check Balanis book for that). I would suggest you simulate first with a discrete port between the two arms of the spiral, in order to check the antenna behaviour and then study some proper way of feeding!
Hello , I have create a dipole antenna using cst MWS but with a antenna wire template , i have put the port but i want to put a coaxial cable as feed transmissin line because i want to see the real result for the simulation. Anyone can help in creating the coaxial cable ? It's truly urgent !! Hope that this post (...)
Hello, You can choose the coaxial feed.....and give the co-ordinates wher you want to fix the probe....
Im a beginner in desperate need for help. I am designing a slotted bow tie patch antenna with a back coaxial feed which I have already created in cst. When a transient simulation is run, I get a practically non existant efficiency. When looking at the surface current, it appears that very little current is flowing on the patch surface. Where (...)