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make a coaxial line for antenna and then feed it with wave port see patch example of CST
Hi all. 1. In given figure 2, the inductors suppose to simulate ferrite? 2. Additional question: for what exactly we need ferrite here? 3. Do somebody have some detailed tutorials/bo
Hi, Have a look at this website : In HFSS, you can draw a 50 ohms coaxial line to feed this antenna. Look at the HFSS tutorial : there is one example that deal with a rectangular patch antenna feed by a coaxial line. A PIFA antenna will not be difficult to draw on HFSS.
hai.. Now I am designing a microstrip patch antenna with coaxial feeding technique....I am using CST microwave studio for simulation purpose..and I am new to that software ...I need to know how to fix a coaxial line in the antenna for feeding purpose by using CST Microwave studio..???
Hello , I have create a dipole antenna using cst MWS but with a antenna wire template , i have put the port but i want to put a coaxial cable as feed transmissin line because i want to see the real result for the simulation. Anyone can help in creating the coaxial cable ? It's truly urgent !! Hope that this post (...)
For the transition between coaxial line and waveguide, the coaxial line should be about quarter-wavelength away from the short end of waveguide. In HFSS model, two waveports should be set in the end of coaxial line and the open end of waveguide.
hi, I'm looking for best method for simulation of "UWB Antenna" including several patchs on a thick substrate and 2 coaxial feed line,except FDTD. whether FIT method is suitable for this? regards.
Hello Friends! I?m back here with another question... I need to make simulations (HFSS) with inputs and outputs for combiners and I? having problems with the excitations. How to define excitations on HFSS for a coaxial cable? A waveport needs a integration line, a incident wave is a planar wave, how can I define this input. I have (...)
Hi everybody: Just now I create a very simple coaxial line model in both CST and HFSS to study the correspondence of real waveguide to transmission line model. But the result seems confusing. My coaxial line is a inner PEC cylinder pin with the radius of a=1mm, and an cylinder PEC shell with the (...)
Hi all! I'm a beginner in HFSS. The first thing I'm trying to do is simulate a simple monopole Lambda/4 antenna with an infinite ground plane. I have a problem with this, I'll resume what I've done: - I've drawed a 2D plane, and then substracted a circle. - Then, I've drawed a coaxial line. The outer cylinder has the same dimensions that the 2