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I2C_Result I2C__Read_FullPage (unsigned char I2c_Address, unsigned char * Reg_Address, unsigned char Reg_Address_Len, unsigned char * pBuffer, unsigned char pBufferSize) { I2C_Result Result = I2C__Start(); if (Resu
It's probably being bit manipulated in that Cypress USB microcontroller code. Based on the datasheet it has an 8051 embedded in it and the code is run from RAM, eeprom, or an external memory device. I'd wager that the original board designer let the PCB layout person to pin swap on that bus to make routing easier. I'd (...)
Hi, I'm sure you find informations in the datasheet. And usually the manufacturer provides some sample code and/or application notes about reading/writing eeprom. Please read those informations. Andi n case there still exist questions, so please post a detailed description of the problem. Klaus
Hello, I am using STK600 and I have written code to read data from external dataflash using SPI interrupt and then put the same data on hyperterminal in PWM interrupt. But I get only first value of data byte as correct rest as 0x00. I also tried by using status register read command after receiving every single byte of data. There also
Hello, I am using pic32mx795f512l and i am trying to code for external eeprom (25LC256) to store the last value of LED. I want to use SPI communication for eeprom. I need sample code to done this. Please help me with some sample code. Thanks in advance
I want to know how to write the adc result in successive address of external eeprom 24lc512. I am using pic16f877a controller and storing the result of adc i.e ADDRESH and ADRESL into two variables x and y. I have added my code below. /* TEMPERATURE MONITORING DATA LOGGER */ /* Header files */ #include #include
The data will be normally written in C or assembly language in a better readable form. Hex code as shown in post #1 is generated by assembler/compiler.
Sir can u plz send some sample C code and procedure, to interface 24c64 eeprom to pic16f877a (i2c) using mplab. Thanks in advance. - - - Updated - - - i tried but not able to communicate
Here is a I2C code but not for eepeom. There is I2C example code at saeedsolutions but I can't provide its link as I got a warning that I am promoting that website. I have no interest in promoting any website or
Did you run a testbench and checked the waveforms against required I2C protocol? You would normally write a simple emulation module that generates ACK of the external eeprom, but if I understand right, ACK isn't checked in your design. Did you hear about code tags?
This can be done for some of the following possible reasons: The core of your Arduino platform presumably may be 8-bit data bus. eeprom referred on above code is an external I2C or SPI whose data bus is sized to 8-bit. In both cases, scaling original acquired data to 8 bits magnitude will lose some precision after restore.
U add external eeprom in which u write some code word. When Controller Read this code word then only program start RUN.
Hello! 1. Yes, you have to initialise SPI first. Look at MSP430 sample code, it's just a matter of a few lines, say 5, 6. 2. Why do you want to send dummy data first? Usually you send some command to the flash memory and then receive something. 3. Whether the byte is echoed depends on the device you are talking to. 4. If you want to read or wri
I have to interface external eeprom with Q2686 for storing camera image please help. Here is my code, presently i am just trying to write large strings on eeprom. I am unable to write page sequentially i am using eeprom AT24c512. code,,, Please help.................. /* (...)
hi all i m working with the msp430f6779 and external eeprom i used sample I2c code i am able to write eeprom but when i try to read more then one address its give me garbage value. i am using 1 k pull -up for sda and scl and scl is 100khz. below is my code #include "msp430.h" #include (...)
For interfacing external eeprom you need to write your own libraries. No need to write own library, MikroC have I2C Library MikroC I?C Library Original MikroE example: void main(){ ANSEL = 0;
Hi ma10adi and welcome to EDABoard forum, You plan to use external eeproms with I?C ? What you consider under "memory banks" ? Post your current code if you have. Best regards, Peter ;-)
Hello friend, I have seen your whole code, i think you have one mistake in i2c_address function of your code My suggestion is: Change this line of code l_address=address<<1; Here, address = 0xA0, after code execute, l_address = 0x40 l_address+=mode; Here, l_address = 0x41 or 0x40 (...)
Please use code wrap for posting source code.
Can i use the flash memory of a AVR microcontroller for data logging(temperature, time data), atmel published two application notes regarding this but these are not easy, i cant get the page size and how to code in C for using internal flash, where the data will be stored and can be accessed after reset.