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Hi, I need the AVR code for working bluetooth mouse, can anyone help me about this project?
Hi I'm a student doing a project now and I run into some problems about testing two inout signals. I'm inserting a PS/2 mouse module with Wishbone, but before so I need to test if the signals can really be transferred. Here is my codes: PS/2 mouse is written in Verilog and I mixed Verilog and VHDL first. (...)
first hid means to implement with your Key Board Or mouse so in computer device Manger mouse and keyboard vid and pid declare in property this vid and pid to use in your code.
post the code you've written, otherwise we can't help.
Here are they: ? b display the list of binding keys ? d (de)select or delete objects ? f zoom the display to fit the core area ? k create a ruler ? K remove last ruler displayed ? q display the object attribute editor form for the selected object; click the left-button mouse to select an object, shift-click to selec
Im stumped connecting a ps/2 serial mouse to a PIC to read x/y data. This example project would be perfect, , except the C code calls for #include files "cc5x\16f628a.h" and "cc5x\math16.h". I managed to find these in a CC5X website, but hex code files are giving lots of errors, like they ar
Visit the link, you may have a start up idea. Wireless Accelerometer Based mouse: Project video & code
check this Interfacing the PC's Keyboard. ps2 mouse source code sending code for ps/2 to protocol it means it will work for ps/2 keyboard as well as ps/2 mouse this program will trasnfer data (send by ps/2 device)on com port at 9600 baudrate #include #define
This is code for an Atmega32-based PS/2 mouse controlled with accelerometers. I'm looking at the function for generating the packet. Right now I'm only considering pointer movement, not scroll or buttons, so those have been omitted from the code sample below. I'm trying to figure out what this (...)
Hello Sorry for delay in reply. Unfortunately I could not find my ATMEGA developement board as well as programmer. I suspect there is some missing code. I am going through the code. for now I suggest you to do some basic tests. 1. Please check whether ADC processing is working by giving a temporary (...)
sir, i saw a simulator/emulatir type asm code generates asm code for pic and at89/at90 series asm code. they use that emulator just by clicking by the mouse. they are using just clicking on the port which are drawn in bellow automatically asm code is generated. after finishing this (...)
can someone pls post the code for interfacing optical mouse with pic18f4550??? i am in trouble with that..
sir i saw a 8051 based software that generate automatic code for at89 series and 90 series.have to select just timer and delay and type of micro controller.after that have to select the port input and output just clicking by mouse. in generate button by clicking it exactly generate the code or hex or bin file. i saw a (...)
Hi, my name is Frank, and I am in desperate need of a code in basic for pic10f220. What it should do is count the pulses from a ir sensor that i have tanken from a mouse (not the optical new ones, I ment the Ir emitter and receiver from old ball mouses). When it has counted 3 it should stop driven a mosfet which i have (...)
Hi there. I've got an absolute ton of info on USB but it's all for the pic18f4550. I'm currently trying to edit the HID mouse example in the MCHPFSUSB firmware pack but theres quite a bit to change. Additionally, there's alot of code concerning demo board kits (which i'm not using). Has anyone successfully got this or any of the USB examples (...)
I want to make mouse use atmel microcontroller. How can i write the code? please help me? Is this like as microcontroller serial communication? Am i do this way? connect mouse data to serial rxd pin. And am i write this way? clr ti mov sbuf, a jnb ti, $ (...)
Hey Nimarc, the vhdl code for VGA is just the interface. You need to use a Microcontroler to control the text, some draws, etc. The Spartan chip just convert the bus signals in vga digital signals. You can connect a keybord or a mouse to your microcontroler, and make some program, some structs, some classes to acquire your signals from (...)
Hi everyone, it?s been a time I have downloaded a mouse demo demonstration for AT90USB1286, I have been trying to adjust this code so that I could use it for my own application, I have read the manual for USB library of this microcontroller and I am quite familiar with USB protocol and AVR programming, but (...)
The IR emitter is just an LED with a wavelength in the near IR spectrum.Check this site out for more
you cand finf code for this application at philips website (now is NXP) (Source code for an IEEE maze navigating mouse using the 8xC751. From AN443)