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please someone post the matlab code... i know the theory but i am weak in simulation.... please provide matlab code for higher order mimo system using MMSE mimo LRR... i will highly obliged.
please Someone provide the mmse-sic code for HIGHER order mimo system(8cross8 or 16cross16) or any order N cross N.... i will be highly thankful.
Hello, Am doing a project on "LOW COST mimo ENABLED RADIO OVER FIBER SYSTEM FOR MULTISERVICE DAS USING DOUBLE SIDEBAND FREQUENCY TRANSLATION" Kindly help me in generating LTE mimo signals for transmission across the optical fiber. Here am using OPTISYSTEM 7 software and trying to generate mimo signals using matlab. (...)
hai I am working in SM mimo , mimo OFDM etc for the first case SM mimo error detection code is not working properly , can any one suggest the matlab code for detection
I am looking to minimize the energy consumption per bit for in wireless sensor network with the help of incorporating cooperative mimo techniques. Please help me with source code (matlab/ns2) for simulating such scenarios.
Hello! Can anyone help me with a matlab code for mimo-OFDM system? I will very grateful!
Hi, I am looking for matlab code that show the difference between SISO and mimo with 16 QAM modulation and calculate BER. thanks a lot.
i want to study the effect of impulsive noise added to a random data to be transmitted over mimo OFDM wirless system. i want a matlab code to do this.
i have been working on mimo OFDM with index modulation. can u please help me with the matlab code for it...?
my project is about mimo OFDMA network using matlab. I have to design the matlab code that make selected users with nonzero allocated power. Can u give me a example of selected user set in ODFMA and idea on how i want to design it. waiting for your replies.tq
hai.there are script of power control in matlab. can someone correct the error of this script. i want to simulated the power algorithm in mimo. there like havng problem at fading. clear all; clc; format long; %------ Parameter-parameter ------ K=10; % jumlah pengguna c_light = 3E
who could help me by sending a matlab code for mimo OFDM (2*2) with alamouti STBC. Thanks in advance
Hi All, I am working on massive mimo. is anyone can help me regarding matlab code or new algorithm.
matlab code for "multiuser detection in cdma mimo systems" What kind of mutiuser detection? Have you worked out the theory?
hi, in my matlab code stream of data, I'll do it in program like this steps: N=??; % length of each frame L=??; % total number of frames for i=1:L y=H*s(:,(i-1)*N+1:i*N)+W; ------- ------- end In above steps I suppose the system deal with all data as one stream, now I want to divide the data in to 4 parts (4 sub-str
Hi, pls I'll ask about the system model, in many papers the author is use the real-valued equivalent of the complex-valued model to make the derivation ease. Like the equations in attachment, or in matlab code like this: Y=HX+W H_complex = (randn(Nr,Nt)+1j*randn(Nr,Nt))/sqrt(2); % Flat Rayleigh fading channel w_complex = sigma(index1)*(ran
Sample codes by matlab. You can find these from your matlab Help too.
i need to it too i need MMSE channel estimator for LTE downlink matlab code
can any one help in matlab code for LTE downlink channal estimation using MMSE estimator for mimo with transmit divesity?I have reached at OFDM reciever after that i need to estimate the channel and extract for the whole grid and i need a help to make channel estimation using MMSE estimator and extract data for the whole grid?
hi.... I'm desperate for help.....i need a simple mimo-OFDM simulik file or a matlab thesis is about applying a resource allocation algorithm for mimo-OFDM system and i have no time to build my own system......please help me