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Hi all, I am trying to implement STTC-ofdm (2Tx-1Rx) over frequency selective channels(2-taps or 3-taps and so on). I need a modification on my code over single tap quasistatic flat fading environment. My question is how can I use the channel impulse response for multiple tap channels on the maximum likelihood decoder to calculate branc metrics.
Dear All I am lookinf for matlab code of Alamouti coded ofdm
Hello I want to ask you friend what is the NCBPS(number of coded bit per symbol) and how we can get it if we have Ndsc(number data subcarrier)=100;and code rate 1/2;and QPSK Modulation Regards,
this is program coded ofdm pam raleigh fading for M=4 i try change the M from M=4 to M=2 or M=8 the program don't work i need from you help me in change the M=2 or M=8 and help me in run the program clear all; clc; nFFT=64; nCPLen = nFFT/4; nSamples = nFFT+nCPLen; nDSC = 52; % number of data subcarriers nBitPerSym = 52; % number of bits pe
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%% this program raleighfaing ofdm pam uncoded i need in this program add the convolution code to be coded ralighfading pam ofdm %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (...)
Hi I am communication engineering student and I want to simulate papr reduction in ldpc coded ofdm with SLM method. could any one help me in writing the matlab code for simulation. please mail me on Thanks.
Share with us your attempted code and indicate your problem areas Actually i am new for matlab. I found the code for ofdm as well as Turbo codes but i am not able to combine them to get turbo coded ofdm. Can you please help me in this???
I have done coding for turbo coded ofdm with a fading channel. Now what other parameter can be considered apart from PAPR as the BER curve of the code and the PAPR curve are similar in nature. Suggest some easy parameter as it has to be inserted in the code. Please suggest some base paper if any. Thanks
Hi I am communication engineering student and I want to simulate papr reduction in ldpc coded ofdm with SLM method. could any one help me in writing the matlab code for simulation. please mail me on Thanks.
Can anyone give me turbo coded ofdm code? modulation(QPSK/8PSK/16PSK), turbo encoder, ifft, channel, fft, turbo decoder(log map), demodulation with 256 subcarriers. Thanks in advance....
Hi , I've coded in Matlab an ofdmA downlink transmission scheme (ofdm modulation for sure) using QAM for each user, after that i wanted to implement a clipping function to reduce PAPR (PEAK to Average Power Ratio) until here everything gone fine, i fellowed the clipping function by implementing a pulse shaping filtring to reduce ISI (...)
Hi, Everyone, I have a question. have you ever Compared ofdm and Cofdm ? i.e. performace, Non-LOS coverage.... which will be better: ofdm, coded ofdm plz share ur knowledge
coded ofdm. It is ofdm with channel coding (i.e. Reed-Solomon,..etc). It has an ability to completely overcome multipath effects. It is used by TV Standards (like DVB).
Hello Everyone, I have written this MATLAB code for a simple convolutionally coded ofdm system with qpsk and over a rayleigh fading channel. The problem I have however is I do not get the desired BER plot for the code. Can someone please tell me where I have gone wrong in this code? Thank you
I'm currently working on LDPC coded ofdm Could you please leave me an email ?
I am trying to implement Cofdm using Reed Solomon(255,239).The hindrance i face is that i use QPSK modulation,after reed solomon perform QPSK modulation i need my bits in the range of 0:3.But by performing reed SOLOmon encoding from 240th bit bit position to 255th bit position i have my bits in the range of 0:255.hence i can't use inbui
I am generating an ofdm signal with 10^4 bits.I am trying to implement Reed Solomon code in it possible to take 10^4 bits as input to the reed solomon encoder?If not is there any other methods to take these many inputs?Please help me.
You could read some documents first: 1. Cofdm: an overview of Zou, W.Y.; Yiyan Wu; 2. Description and features of the Cofdm systems of Pommier, D. 3. CD3-ofdm: A novel demodulation scheme for fixed and mobile receivers of V. Mignone and A. Morello 4. coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex of BERNARD LE FLOCH, (...)
Could somebody help me please to simulate 16-QAM Turbo coded ofdm? thanks in advance!
Why we go for coding in the transmission side; if coding not used , wht will happen? What is correlatively coded ofdm? What is power spectral density and spectral rolloff ? Can anybody define the above shortly for understanding....