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HI I am using atmega8 and I have finished the program. I have used 8 adc channel. Now I would like to change mega8 with a micro-controller with 32 channel adc (I'm using codevision).
1. What is the function of adc prescalar ? Why I need to use prescalar? 2. If I use 12MHz crystal and I choose prescalar of 16, then the clock frequency will be 750 000 Hz. But the datasheet says the frequency should be between 50 kHz - 200kHz. Any explanation about this? 3. If I use codevision, why the clock frequency is 750 000 [COLOR
What is the function of char buf; and sprintf(buf,"abc"); in codevisionAVR. I try to display "abc" in LCD. It works, but I just have no idea what are their function.
hi alexan thanx you am try to use codevision and it help me so but my problem now is how to add the code to the proteues plz help me
Try it. There's a difference. Try it and then I'll show the difference. Why is it a secret? adcSRA.ADSC not define in codevision ---------- Post added at 19:06 ---------- Previous post was at 19:05 ---------- and adcSRA.ADIF which code vision version you use I have never seen anything like
Hello I am using ATmega16 microcontroller and codevision AVR software to program it. The problem I am encountering is that even while I select one single channel through ADMUX, giving an analogue input to other unselected channels also results in the selected channel also picking up the same values. For example, I set the ADMUX value 0x00 t
There are lots but I would like to suggest the AVR family from Atmel and the PIC from Microchip. Many of them have built-in adcs. In my opinion AVRs are the best and well suited for comercial and industrial applications. codevision is an excellent C compiler for the AVRs. If you are interested on it I can send you some useful material. Regards
hi i need the program code(in avr codevision) that calculates the ac power intering an electronic device.(assume that current and voltage are measured by adc(1) and adc(2) channels,respectively). i really need it.thanks alot