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hi, I did not use that pic controller. But i will give example coding for keypad. below code is 8051 code for 4x4 matrix. #include #define lcd P0 #define key P2 void delay(); void datas(unsigned char); void cmd(unsigned char); void lcdint(unsigned char); sbit rs=P0^4; sbit en=P0^5; unsigned char keypad = (...)
hi, need some help in coding for at89s52 with rc522. thanks in advance
i have upload the image of connections i have made..and the code is as below please help as soon as possible.. tommorow is my project submittion day.. 105835 //coding //Program for RFID based Secured access system using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51) #include sfr lcd_data_pin=0xA0; //P2 port sbit rs
i want to make a string of led matrix almost 48*8 and want to send a text message on the string from PC using a AT89C51 micro controller.. but i am very much confused in the programming..please help me if any one have any idea for the coding of 8051 in keli
The coding method I followed is implementing small functions: column_scan, row_scan and then the main. You may also need a 2-D array as lookup for getting the value of the key that is pressed. Once you get the keypad value, sending it through serial port is easy.
while coding in c in 8051 microcontrolller how should we put the value in code?by using datasheet of steppermotor or is there standard value for the code?
does any body know the coding for interfacing keyboard with 8051 mc and to transmit it to selective receiver
You coding error... here I have tested this one, it works except for the am/pm display on LCD... Best Regards, waqas
I need help in Bi-Directional Serial Communication coding in Assembly language... my scenario is given below: I had made 2 micro-controller base devices that is connected to the PC through Serial Port. PC1, MC1. PC2, MC2. MC1 ===> Micro-Controller Device 1 MC2 ===> Micro-Controller Device 2 MC1 sends data from Port 2 to MC2, while
Hello, I wanted to control ADF4106 Synthesizer using ATMEGA128-16AI and AT892051-24S1. Im not able to understand how to go about controlling.Before i worked only on 8051 microcontroller. Can anybody help with the coding.Can i get any sample programs for this controllers Please help
Hi, I will do the coding whatever you require. I have done many commercial projects. Hope we get on the terms. thx. AH
Follow the comments given in the code to modify it (additionally study the comments where you find this codes) Try to start coding for small interfacing circuits, such that blinking LED to get some hands on experience in C language
I been give project for atmel 8051 microprocessor..!! Need help for my project "washing machine"..!! Need help fast A.S.A.P anyome plzz help...!!!
hi.. i have project moving sms on 16x64 matrix led using matrix gsm gdt11 model and 8051 microcontroller can any one help me in coding..??
i am a beginner. pls send me the embedded-c coding for reading digital output of a IR sensor in 8051 microcontroller for its 30 I/o pins!( 30 ir sensors are connected to its 30 IO pins) I am using Keil compiler!
anyone good in 8051 coding?i dunno how to interface with the lcd and keypad 4x4..i need a c code for a basic calculation (addition,subtraction,multiplication, and division)can some provide the source code for me?
I think RS232 and RS485 coding is not the same, because when coding for RS485, you should manually switch between the transmitter mode and receiver mode by setting relevant signal lines. if you want to communicate multiple MCUs utilizing RS485, you can take a look at MODBUS. Hope it will help you.
Hi all, I have programmed 8051 to receive data serially but I couldn't see the data getting copied in the simulator. Please help here is the code I have done MOV TMOD,#20H MOV TH1,#-3 MOV SCON,#50H SETB TR1 up: JNB RI,up MOV A,SBUF MOV P1,A CLR RI SJMP up end As per the code data should be found in P1. But it is not. Kindly
Hello, My controller name AT89c51, I am trying to communicate between 4 micro controller with a distance with 150 meter. with RS 485 protocol. for this i am using MAX 485 IC. I have knowledge on RS232. I came to know that both RS232 And RS 485 coding is same, But i am not conform whether BOTH RS232 and RS485 codes are same or not. (...)
While mlkz_01 has covered the issue of the missing HEX file, you should be made aware of two issues with your program code. 1. When coding a MCU/Processor which does not have an OS/RTOS you should never allow the execution from leaving main(), for the simple reason there is no OS to which pass execution/control. Rather than: #inclu