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i need matlab coding for load balanced clustering in wirelesss sensor network using genetic algorithm and i need explanation for that coding.
hi, currently i'm working on a new pic, p18f1330. bt previously i was using p18f4580 and my coding works fine, but wen i convert it to port in p18f1330, its not working, pls project is using ultrasonic hc-sr04 sensor. whereby the distance measured will be display in hyperterminal and LED wil blink at diferent rates.. now i port it to p18f1
107553 figure above is my circuit simulation. i had problem with how to create the coding for my pic 16f877a, i don't how to start the c-rogramming. i hope you can help me.
95704 Line Width is 3cm Line Color: White Floor Color: Blue I want the C++ coding of the Line follower robot w.r.t the above image (track) in 8051 or PIC microcontroller with IR sensors.
hello,im new around here and im not limited internet connection. im doing a project named automatic handwash with auto refill. well here is my coding. im using mikroC for the coding. void portb0() ; void main() { int mot0 = 0; int mot1 = 0; TRISA = 0b00000000; PORTA = 0x00; TRISB = 0b00000000; PORTB = 0x00; TRIS
So is this a rain gauge? If so what type of measurement sensor are you going to use as this really defines your project. Have a look at for some general coding info
Hi, You can use TSOP1736. Below link shows the sample code for RC5 protocol using PIC controller. Happy coding, Pavan S
How to make c programming coding.. when ldr goes dark it will count something. I hope someone can share it #include #include sbit LDR=P0^7; long int count; long int i; void main() { while(1) { if(LDR==1) count++; else { count-
95501 Line Width is 3cm Line Color: White Floor Color: Blue I want the C++ coding of the Line follower robot w.r.t the above image (track).
actually i`m trying to declare the value of temperature sensed by each of the sensors to temp A-D. could u guys suggest me for a better coding to be declared?
yeah i have see that link, but, the link i not seem the coding pic???
dear all, i am facing a problem for more than 2 days but still not have any solution actually i build the circuit as same as below where the output connect to PIC16f877a and i found some problem PS: coding i has been modified with working but still unable get expected result problem comes when i switched on the power to 5v automatic the
Hello Rajesh, What actually the problem 1) PIC coding 2) sensors calculations (I mean theory of them)? - - - Updated - - - you may got something from here : and for the detail calculations of Gyro + Accelero (for IMU) check Tutorial. (And can you post the link of your
i want to measure the oxygen rate of person using pulse oximeter sensor and display it in LCD using pic giving input in the form of voltage to pic controller.According to the voltage level,i want to vary display in maximum voltage will be 440mv and min will be 1/0mv.i want to display 99% if my voltage is 440mv else 1% for
im using voltage value of my sensor as input to microcontroller pic18f4520.max level-311V to min value-100V..voltage value varies according to the person.. im trying to convert the voltage value to percentage. this percentage is the oxygen level of the person. send me the coding
Im using micro chip c18 compiler. im sensing the oxygen level of the person using pulse oxymeter sensor and tranmitting the sensed value as the input to the PIC18F4520. now i want to display the output in lcd with respective to sensed values of sensor..plzz send me the coding Is this the same thread or I just im
what sensor u using ? TC74 ? - - - Updated - - - use this link to learn I2C I'm using pulse oximeter sensor sp1006.Its a ear lobe sensor with rs232 cable. In ear lobe photo detector and me
tel me the way of interfacing pulse oximeter sensor with pic microcontroller and send me the coding for that.
Hi guys, was thinking of using a P16F877A and a frequency generator to simulate a RPM sensor circuit for a car engine. Am I correct in assuming that say 5,000RPM can be represented by 83.3Hz from a function generator or am I doing something wrong here? Secondly, for the coding part, I am writing the code in CCS and need to (...)
Hi friends, i have purchased a heart beat sensor with LDR and LED built in.. In their website they have not mentioned how to measure heart beat also... i have attached the link so please suggest me how to start the program in c. i am interfacing with 8051 and using Keil u vision 3... Thanks in