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Hi the problem is that you have not followed the verilog coding guidelines. You cannot use initial statement in a synthesizable RTL file. There are also blocking non-blocking mismatch. Rectify them and u can achieve the desired results easily. if possible share the base paper u r working with.
Hi, yes and it is even recommended for better QoR for Design Compiler. Synopsys even has a great appnote about this called "coding guidelines for Datapath Synthesis". You can find it on solvnet. Terry
If you are using Xilinx XST, it can infer (automatically translate) an ordinary verilog or VHDL register array into single-port or dual-port Block RAMs. For best results, follow the HDL coding guidelines in your synthesizer documentation. For Xilinx XST, this is the "RAMs and ROMs" section of the "HDL coding Techniques" (...)
Hi all, I am reading "coding guidelines for Datapath Synthesis" from Synopsys. And confused with the example below, why split unsigned and signed + and *? //=====Unintended behavior====== input signed a; input signed b; output z; // product width is 8 bits (not 12!) assign z = $unsigned(a * b); /
EMC\EMI problems appear in the board level or in the layout level of RFICs . and can prevented only in that level As far as i know There are no verilog coding guidelines for avoiding EMC.
I need more about 40 codingguid
Check this out.Good site for writing Efficient RTL Descriptions... Njoy... - satya
40 Most Important coding guidelines in verilog Part 2