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If I understand ur problem correctly .. U r trying to Acquire a PN code having some doppler (frequency offset) from base band. The best approach I can think is FFT acquisition technique if u r using DSP processor for acquisition . U take coherent data and then do non coherent integration for reducing noise, finally perform FFT on it and (...)
We using FM PLL demodulator with a data slicer as FSK demodulator, my question is what is it a coherent demodulator or non-coherent demodulator? And FSK demodulator has two another method: 1: general band pass filter and envelope comparator 2: match filter BPF and envelope comparator What 's 1 and 2 coherent (...)
This can be done using an external mixer in series with the downconverter. The external mixer shall be fed with an LO which is phaselocked/coherent with the LO of the downconverter. There is an Agilent application note for this measurement.