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Sorry to say, but that coil-over-bolt antenna :D from the movie, hard to believe is a Helix antenna. Helix antenna in normal-mode have a specifically spacing and pitch angle between turns (and no metal core inside). In my opinion from how was realized, was just lucky that radiates some power in the broadcast band.
You probably should go ask on a ham radio board. But if it were me, I would use a base loaded short whip antenna. The base loading would be a big airwound inductive coil.
Hi. I've a little practical question. I've measured in anechoic chamber the input impedance of a coil loaded monopole resonating near 487 MHz. I've calibrated the Network Analyzer up to the point where I've attached the antenna. My need was to determine the input impedance of the antenna so I take a measurement of the (...)
A loaded monopole antenna has a coil (inductor) in it.