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We wish to use the EPCOS ETD291610 horizontal coil former for our Flyback SMPS transformer. It is seen on page 4 of the following? This former has a height of 25mm above the pcb. This is too high for us?..we can accept no more than 22mm. However, the former has some ?fingers? whi
If you read about current distribution in wire antennas, you'll see that the current drops to zero towards the tip. A coil near the tip has respectively very little effect. I think the name "loading coil" already suggests the position with maximal effect. You'll find multiband antennas with center coil, or helical antennas (a (...)
Besure to have adequate exposed copper for acceptable, Rca. and the coil ambient is not room temp but that heatsink rise plus ambient. The datasheet is not at fault and appears to be well designed to achieve this with a large 2520 conductive internal case footprint to the small pads. Keep in mind the Rca with 1 sq in of double sided copper with
If pcb design of switching power supplies is your interest here, then this document , on pcb layout of SMPS, will be of use.. - - - Updated - - - Ringing in gate drives sounds like insufficient damping in the gate drive loop, or the loops involving the gate drive not being narrow-area enough so having st
I am having a modeling problem in HFSS and would like to know if anyone with more CAD or modeling experience has any input. In the past, I have been able to successfully been able to simulate flat, printed coils on flexible substrates. These look similar to these pcb spiral coils, but printed on a flexible plastic. 126248[/ATTA
Hi everyone, I designed a coil of traces (meant to simulate wire) to span between top and bottom layer of pcb in CST MW studio. It looks perfect in CST and now I would like to export it to Gerber for fabrication. I align my 'local WCS' to the top layer and exported it (repeated for bottom layer) Unfortunately both layers do not include the Vi
use standard common emitter driver with base resistor and freewheeling diode. I usually put a ceramc capacitor close to the relay coil in order to provide some additional spike suppression.
Hi, i have chosen SSR based MOSFET PLA140 (pcb mount) for AC and DC digital output application. Pls suggest output filter for DC load and AC load load rate AC = 240VAC 100mA inductive load (AC coil Relay) DC = 12 to 110VDc inductive load (DC coil Relay) Application: Energy meter - Depends on the KVA output card will contro
schematic needed to comment. you need to use a differential amplifier to null out the coil noise...not sure if it is magnetic pickup or ground loop problems.
I have used it for simulation of RFID coupler coils and pcb trace self and mutual inductance as well as skin effect losses. Yes, you need some time to become familiar with the description language. You can also visualize your geometry file with the FastModel tool.
Hello, i am doing this mini solid state tesla coil : pcb: think i sol
I constructed micro-strip pcb inductor (coil ) in ADS 2009 for a particular application, The setup is a 2 layered system which houses the coil on 1 side and layout for a few IC's on the bottom side. PFA the setup image. 104287 Now the issue arises when i export the layout in the form of a gerber, is that all t
Make sure you have a coil (filter) on the DC bias sources. These hidden signals could perturb you device.
What parts did you use. What coil and with what current rating you use? You didnt show values of resistors in circuit. Probably you have problems in circuit parts values. Post photo of your pcb with parts, and complete circuit with parts values what you have.
You can check the speaker coil resistance, if they are almost equal and have a small value then something is wrong with the amplifier. Check also for any obvious damage to the pcb.
how is that inductor constructed? if you had used two sections of a core, the core or loosemenss of coil might cause the audible 'whine'. ensure that the coil core fixed with some sealant. and the coil itself is tight and packed .
i am trying to simulate a core-less pcb transformer with maxwell 14 3d . my problem is that i have assigned coil terminals to 2 faces of a copper spiral but when i validate the design i get this error for my terminal: Project3 (C:/Users/mine/Documents/Ansoft/) Maxwell3DDesign1 (Transient) Illegal external terminal 'Coi
you can also use tranzil at the voltage of the mcu and one coil for filtering
RFID coil is effectively a pure AC magnetic problem that don't need a full featured EM solver. Nevertheless should it give correct results. I read about a cellsize setting of 20 cells/wavelength, which refers to a cell size of about 1.1 m. Don't know if this is a problem.
I am from a Printed Circuit Board shop, recently, we have a lot of order with integrated inductance design on board. The coil trace is etched on both outer layer and inner layer. I am looking for a effective tester to perform online inductance test. Can anyone introduce: - The manufacturer of pcb inductance tester? - How to calculate the ind