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We lost our cat today :( but I was thinking about a generator that would power a cat's gps collar indefinitely just from everyday movement. Solar panels! Ha. I was thinking about a rolling ball inside a curved coil, that was attached to the collar. Normally in say those flashlights that you shake and it generates electricity, the magnet is a cy
Could this be similar to pet locating devices? There are various types. There is the device which detects direction of a radio transmitter on a collar. There is a service which tracks a pet collar. The method might be triangulation, or by cell tower, or by gps. They charge a fee. - - - Updated - - -
Hi there. I am looking for a Shock Component which can generate a Shock for Pet from a 3.7V Li-Poly Battery. There are some ... used in Dog-collar but they are big. I am looking for a less height Shock Component around 5mm - 8mm component height. Any advise? Regards.
I'm an expert in falling down but not sky diving. I have experienced similar problems with mobile ham radio on a motorcycle where the engine and road noise operated the vox circuit. The best solution is vox with a throat microphone, one that sits inside a loose fitting elastic collar. It goes under clothing so the wind rush doesn't reach it and bei
My Intel Motherboard G31 Power Problem. When I connect power supply & switch on My CPU collar Fan not running but when plug out 4 pin atx CPU power running CPU collar. But no beep sound,no display...Please any body help me...
Check into pet locators that operate by means of radio transmission. There is the GPS unit. I believe a central headquarters tracks location of your pet when you request it. Another system uses a small receiver/transmitter on the collar. You carry a transmitter combined with a directional antenna. You send a call to the collar unit. It transm
What length antenna does the collar have? This may be important to proper operation. Both the transmitter and receiver need an antenna. At least that's how it was with my radio-controlled airplane. Can you check battery volt levels while the units are on? Just to make sure something is not severely draining the battery. Since you expect to ge
Hi I took apart a dog collar. There was this decently big cube like transformer, measuring 1.2cm by 1.2cm by 1.2cm. The input pair of leads are shorted while the output leads are open circuit with a resistance of 1.5Kohm. I would think this is a current transformer, capable of multiplying the input voltage many times with a very small current.
I am working on an electronic dog collar. I am looking for the electric discharge device and am wondering where can I get it, i.e. who are the suppliers? Many thanks.
banjo is right if you want this thing to be accurate and not costy better to get a tx rx. by the way why do you want the remote control? you will sit there waiting your doggy to come to open the door. you can use a magnetic sensor which operates using magnets. the magnet will be put on your dogs collar when it comes to the door it will unlock l
The mux is usually part of the BIST memory collar, or wrapper - whether this goes into the RTL code depends upon when you insert that logic - it could be done either at RTL or gates - are you doing a custom mBIST implementation? Or using a tool? JMF for DFT talk/info go to: DFT Digest DFT Forum
I have done a Lab with 2 file : top.v ,dram.v top.v = some gates + dram . but when I insert mbist in top.v , I found these gate cell have been removed from top.v ,and a memory collar , a bist controller have been inserted on top.v. I want to know why these gate cells was removed ? these gate cell is one part of top.v .
Both straight connectors (male and female): - hold metal bit in one hand and unscrew plastic bit with other hand .. Right/angle: - stick a screwdriver through the back hole and lift the cover up .. As a rule of a thumb, the polarity for these DC connector is center pin positive (+), outer collar negative (-), but you will find out that ther
Hi, friends, I need some suggestions on my EE career. I have been working on digital VLSI design for several years. in small company. Thus I got good experience from front end to back end. The problem is I feel I become more and more like an high tech blue collar workers. So there are several choices in front of me: 1) Back to
Hi all Can you tell me what is this IC for? I found it in a dog collar device in receiver section. HT32D. 18 pin IC. plz tell me what is it for? any PDF? TIA
There are a lot of cheap radio controlled toys (cars or others). What thay basically do is they just activate power at the other end. You may try to use one of these systems to radio-activate your dog's collar device ..
An ultrasonic device tied to the collar of a dog may work well instead of high voltage...