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I use two different kind of multi-color LEDs with the flashing and/or fading circuit inside. One of them slowly fades from one color to the next color and the other kind flashes the colors a few times quickly then fades them a few times slowly over and over.
Guys, Why do I get this message when I try to load my code to STM32 ? No Algorithm found for: 08000000H - 080040C7H Erase skipped! Thanks - - - Updated - - - I'm using STM32F103VCT6 and Keil4, and Jlink for flashing...
Hi vaka85; Here is your code but modified and commented by me. Try it out: #include "16f628a.h" void main(void) { CMCON = 0x07; // switch off comparators; it is a must to use porta for input // set portA as inputs TRISA = 3; // bin 11, NOT 1 !!; set porta.0 and porta.1 as inpu
Hi Guys! anyone can help me on my 20KVA Chloride there is an alarm that i cant rectify.. the problem is Static Switch Locked on Inverter i already try to switch on/off the Q1 and Q2 but the fault still exist static switch and reserve supply indicator is flashing but there is no buzzer. beside shuting down the UPS what are
Driving 4 high power LEDs RGBW using a microcontroller (4-chnl PWMs) with a 4 channel built-in high-current driver. I can use the PWMs for dimming and also to provide different flashing sequences for each channel separately. But what about color mixing? What is it? Where can I get an algorithm and software example to (...)
ya, this sounds like a noob problem unfortunately, I am meeting with the same one I could not change the color of waveform display the curve keeps flashing flashing... just after I did Layout XL stuffs....... Anyone help?