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Statements like "that makes no sense" suggest that you didn't yet think thoroughly about the problem. If you study some application examples, you'll better unterstand the concepts behind PIC24 UART design and common interrupt handling schemes. If you have detail questions, I'm willing to help. - - - Updated - - -
I mean, need to understand power or current of it. - - - Updated - - - I think, if your solenoid valves no need to big power,you could connect a battery bank to your circuit. - - - Updated - - - and when you detect power failure,you can trig your valve by -9v
Here is another idea with a fast response when the duty cycle goes to 100%. - - - Updated - - - The circuit needs a diode added to cope better with high duty cycles like in this requirement. This gives more defined logic levels.
The motor is stalled when it begins to run, then it draws 6A. if you limit the current to only 2A then it might not start or it might start running very slowly. Is that what you want? - - - Updated - - - you should detect stall by using micro to look at motor voltage, because it is low w
tuned antenna> tuned filter>pre-amp> peak detect >logic level, ... preamp> LO mix> IF filter> IF Aamp> RSSI detect>logic level. Define f, Input/Output Thresholds, Ambient Noise & adjacent channel rejection criteria, hysteresis level from noise and latency for trigger and re-trigger and pulse stretch. T
back EMF from the motor is used to detect this rot
Scenario:- What is the best solution based on the situation. .  Needs replace all cables?  Open/Cut cable from Straight Joint and perform again the MEGGER?  May be some device/ instrument which solve the solution (detect the cable fault at exact locati
I am using HL 6528G, bit able to detect the sim, the voltage at v_sim is almost zero. Other AT commands are working. Please suggest a way out - - - Updated - - - Actually not able to detect the sim as sim_vcc=0
consider you are having an image with more than one cricket balls of identical color . how can i localize or detect any one particular ball? consider that both ball and background has same color. suggest me the steps involved in detecting the single ball/ suggest me the best algorithm
Have a look at the attached file:- Its working fine:- 93057 If you are using MAX232, change your virtual terminal setting to inverted from normal. And in Proteus you have to specify the crystal frequency. And its not USB ,its UART
I think skin color is the first choice to test and learn, another is about geometry measurement of face because Statistics is begin form very basic idea although it have usage for non ideal application.
There have been several threads here, which will turn up by doing a search on 'oximeter' or 'blood'. - - - Updated - - - In my mind the hard part is to attach a sensor which is sensitive enough to detect blood color, intensity, etc., under the skin. Some combination of a phototransistor (or photodiode), plain light or inf
"o detect both light and dark color object." The lightness or darkness of a colour is its luminance. The wavelength of the reflected light is its colour. You can have a piece of black velvet with a spot of red on it, it reflects very little light but what light it reflects will be red. if you shine a green light onto the cloth it will not reflect
This used ''WinPic800_3.55G'' And when you press one of these buttons These are the messages that you not them get detect pic: PIC
Your algorithm must examine all possible parameters that could let it distinguish road from grass. In terms of visual detection, this would include the differences we ourselves detect. Including color, shape, presence of many vertical elements (as grass has)... There are also things which the human eye cannot see, but instruments can: (...)
Hello everybody, I want to know which device is best to use to detect different colors (RGB) photodiode,photocell,phototransistor ,or any other device ??????? *suggest me the most sensitive one,which is sensitive to the entire visual spectrum Thanks
Hi, I am trying to detect the presence of some objects of different colors using Slotted IR sensor. When the red color object comes, the rays from the transmitter is not blocked and hence the receiver receives the transmitter signal and the object is not detected. So i want to go with the optical sensor in slotted (...)
Ultrasonic distance sensor is best suited for your project. - - - Updated - - - Ultrasonic distance sensor is best suited for your project.
Basically yes. As longs as you are able to detect a color change.
I am doing my FYP image processing industrial automation project for beverages quality!!! I want to detect type of label(can be any flavour) in the image below and the position of label what you people suggest using color image processing or image segmentation a sample code or any descriptive algo would be highly appreciated!!!! [ATTACH=CO