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Your question is unspecific and open-ended. Readers won't know what issue you are asking about. Perhaps you saw these threads? They have no reply however. At the bottom of this column is a list of related threads.
loop chks1 btfsc PORTC, RC1 ;check if S1 if it is pressed First error - what is "chks1" ? It isn't an instruction and it isn't in the first column so it isn't a label either. Second error - "pttnH" and "pttnL" are labels but have no addresses, they are outside the program space. Third error - the MACRO definintion isn't correct. It
Hi, I am now working on designing APS, the column amplifer I am going to use is shown in the figure, It seems like a switched capacitor amplifer, but why it do not have a switch between VSF and Cin, how it works to sample the input? The DC bias from output was blocked by the feedback capacitor, so how to give the DC bias (...)
here is the code and circuit...sorry for the 'terrible' drawing... please check for me. tq....!!! //USE PORTB FOR LCD, //USE PORTA (a0,a1,a2,a3) FOR KEYPAD IN //USE PORTC (c0,c1,c2,c3) FOR KEYPAD OUT #include<16f877a.h> #use delay(clock=20000000) #fuses hs,noprotect,nowdt,nolvp #byte porta=5 #byte portb=6 #byte portc=7 #def
Hello,everybody.I want to read an int and a char from row=3 and column=1 on the PG24064F GLCD; [I have these on my GLCD 1. (x=3,y=1) ; T= 25000 and want to read only 25000 from GLCD and save it in a array x 2. I have a char at (x=7,y=10); Apply and want to read it and save it in a array y.3. I ha
Dear all if I have R = z * zH, z is column vector, zH is the hermition of z R = Σ (xi * xiH) , i is from 1 to N, xi is column vector, xiH is the hermition of xi can I have direct relation between z & x regards
Hi friends, I am trying to interface a keyboard and LCD with ATmega128. I have manage to get lcd going but keyboard seems to be creating some is not printing 1,5,9,13 which are on first row and first column. Please try to find this strange behavior code and ckt is attached with. Please help me! I have tried every possible thi
Hi, I have implemented keypad scanner before.. I hope that you knew how keypad is working. When you push a button, a row and a column becomes shortcut. It's a kind of array and these columns and rows are open-circuit normally... My keypad has 4 rows and 5 columns.. For each 1ms, I have applied '1' to each row.. After applying '1' to (...)
It's a copy of radmor secure system, but with "present time" components, that works very well. System is made to secure power amp and column loud speaker. Works with almost all kinds amplifier, all costs are very low. Functions:
This is a quetion in a exam from university of california's webcourse ee240 : Fill in the table below. The column headings are amplifier characteristics (bandwidth, phase margin, settling time, and total integrated thermal noise at the output). The first column lists amplifier parameters. In each empty cell indicate how (...)
it appears that the field "phase" is locked in the dialog box "Edit source". I cannot change the value wich is 0 by default Hi: You should put your desired phase under the "Offset Phase" column. and set your unit under the "Unit" column. Good luck
ranjna sharma: I understand you're new here but please search the topics you want to find in the search column. RS coders and Decoder were discussed some time ago
Hi there. I have a problem. I want to interface an Atmega 16 to a keypad that has 12 keys. I use external interrupt for recognition of columns. Assum I want to work with the third column. When I press '3' I got 3. but when I press '6' or '9' I got many 6 or 9. Do you know what's the problem. By the way I use Codevision AVR as C compiler an
IVT = Interrupt Vector Table -- This is a table maintained by OS for the what function to call for interrupts. So you can think of it as in one column having the ID of an interrupt and the other column contains the function pointer that should be executed in case of that interrupt happens. ISR = Interrupt Service Routine. -- Any function