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Hello Martin, The Default Filter Wizard in MWO is a very Basic tool or template for Filters design...You need to use advanced tools available in AWR MWO such as iFilter or Nuhertz Filter Solutions Wizards to quickly design combline Filters... See the below attached pictures which generates ready to use layout & schematic for simulations in
hi frnds iam supposed to fabricate a combline bpf having 1.1% (FBW) and in the low pass prototype iam getting external quality factor around 190 and coupling coefficients very low(i want to design using transformer coupling) the problem is when i want to know the spacing b/w resonators whether i have to take resonators having via hole grounding or
I have a question on the PCB layout of a 2.4GHz tunable combline bpf filter, It is tunable by changing the voltage of varactor diodes. see the attached picture. There are two possible implementations, Fig.A and Fig.B since the tuning voltage Vtun can not shorted to GND, I need a DC blocking capacitor between the varactor diode and Microst
Combine filters are microstrip-based, so same problems with limited Q and tolerance . Am I missing something here? The combline filters being mentioned here are the cavity type, so it has low insertion loss unlike microstrip.
hi can anyone tell me how to design a combline bandpass filter using ads and any one can post me the examples of using ads i am new to ads