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Hello! I need a program to send ascii text through usb and also want to control an led from the pc using app. I have used the mikroC HID terminal to send text to PIC through usb. So, I need a app for usb comm and also I need the mikroC code to read the USB and turn ON/OFF the led.
Hello all, A lot of garbage on Google abt. Nokia displays, especially those thousands of junk sellers, unlockers, etc. I really don't found any info on 2 displays I want to use them in my PIC projects. From all Nokia LCD pinouts on net... just mines are missing :cry: very frustrating... lol... One of them comes from my old 9300 (...)
Hi does anybody know any reference for AT command for external modem (56k) and its description? and hardware for interfacing modem with microcontrollers? thanks alot
Hi all, does someone can give me a short tutorial on how to install the communications and control packages for GNU octave on my computer under Ubuntu (Feisty). Thank you very much!
Hi, I'm looking for a serial(RS232) c++ builder component to send and receive data to comm port. Who knows a free and good component?
Dear asic1984, Here it is (article and source code): SERIAL comm Use P/Invoke to Develop a Base Class Library for Serial Device communications by John Hind best article for controling an RS232 port from managed code (C#). It was tested by me from a