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Hi. Thanks for reply. I am mainly looking for an Embedded Module solution, not a WLAN Router. Is there is suitable Module which can be control via UART AT command for cdma/GSM to WiFi? Regards.
hi everyone, i have a WAVECOM cdma module. i am trying to access the Sim Application toolkit. i did manege to get the main menu using AT+SMGI=0\r command after getting the +STIN = 0 from the module. then i get 4 items in the menu the are given bellow... +STGI: ?e top-up? +STGI: 1,4,?Prepaid?,0 +STGI: 2,4,?Billpay?,0 +STGI: 3,4,?OptionR?,0 +S
Hi, I'm a newbie in this forum... I want to ask the other members about using cdma AT command I have a project to sending sms and dialing using cdma Modem. I have problems for using the cdma AT command. Can anyone help me to sending sms using cdma Modem? Thx b4...
Hi to all, I have done some research on multicarrier cdma for a while by using the command hadamard to generate the orthogonal spreading codes of size L=2^n in MATLAB. I have recently seen that there might be some differences between these 3 codes. So my questions are: 1) is there any difference between 3 spreading codes: i) Walsh ii) hadamar
HI, Everybody, Please tell me what is at command? Where to find the data sheet of mobile phone to communicate it with Microcontroller? Thanks.
hi all, i am using Tata indicom usb modem. firstly it is connected to VINCULUM usb host controller then usb controller connect to PIC24FJ128GA010 controller. But i am unable to get response of cdma modem. if anyone has some document related with this problem or "AT" command set for cdma modem. then please help me to solve this (...)
Hi, does anyone know how to get information of call in sony ericsson t60c, i already try using AT*ECAM, but in cdma, the information not correct , this command know dialing, calling, connected...but in connected condition is not correct, the other phone not yet answer but status ECAV already connected, i know in GSM is work properly, but in (...)
I'm having trouble to send and receive SMS via PC with my Nokia cdma phone (type 2880 and 2116). I have tried using Nokia AT command set for cdma products but it didn't work at all. Some command are working but for SMS command didn't work (like AT+CMGL=1 or AT+CMGS). Can anyone help me,plz?
We do configure a GSM module using AT command set. can anybody explain how to configure a cdma module?
cdma phone is similar to GSM phone. It uses the same standard AT command set as any standard modem. You can send SMS, dial a number or connect to internet if your provider allows.
attached very very good software tool for cdma analysis and multiuser detection using matlab tray it using spanc_me at command prompt
where can i get at command for cdma modem link to internet?
where can i get at command for cdma modem link to internet?