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Your comment is a bit surprising. All I2C devices have no common "system clock". It is not common practice. That's only true for "standalone" I2C slaves. Microcontrollers are usually operating the I2C interface as synchronous circuit from the system clock, e.g. PIC processors. You'll become aware of the fact if you study the I2C ti
What is basic difference between Max-232 and Max-3232 because i read comment of some one on an other blog when i was looking for interfacing. to use max-3232 except max-232 Refer this thread in edaboard to get your doubt cleared. Or else refer this [URL="en.wikip
Hello! Just another comment: MSP430 is aimed at low power systems. It's not designed to use external memory. At least not with an EMIF-like interface. That said, you can create an EMIF-like interface, but it will be extremely inefficient. If you want to attach external memory, then use a serial memory in SPI. But be aware that operation that (...)
hai.. I have one spi ipcore done in vhdl,I wish to interface this ipcore to microblaze processor .suggestions are always welcome..please comment
comment please
When I open a project in uVision4, I found that the text in the comment line is truncated the bottom part, making it very difficult to read. How to fix it? Thanks Please refer to this screen
but m willing to know whether can we interface any icrocontroller with bluetooth module..?? wht can be d reason behind that..?? I shall be glad to get this knowledge as early as possible.. Thanks wait for someone else for the answers for your other questions,I would comment on this. A) can interface a m
Only a comment: I think that the transmition rutine is OK, but the reception is better to do by interruptions.
hi all i made the program myself... its working fine... for showing bpsk waveform on cro un comment mcbsp0_write(temp) in IF and ELSE condn.. and comment whole code below these if and else group. #include #include #include "C:\ti1\examples\dsk6711\xdais\demo\src\c6711dsk.h" #include "C:\ti1\exa
Make sure your PCB designed has seperation between the transmit & receive section. If you sould attach screenshot of your circuit, we can look & comment on same. Difficult to guess.
Hi zape, although I'm not an ethernet expert, I have a comment about this. The first ethernet interface was (I believe) the AUI, then Coax in at last the Twisted pair interface. The AUI and the coax are at the "signaling or protocol perspective" the same interfaces. However, the twisted pair has differences, like "link (...)
I would like to like send video through LAN from one computer to one computer. Can you show me the hints? Any comment and resource are welcome?
Hi, Dear all Happy New Year!!!! Just read a report, 20% of DSC will be included bluetooth interface. Do you have any comment?
any comment plz.
Hi Isn't the Labview interface for the older Bitscope working in BS310 by reading from USB port instead of serial? Please give me your comment about the new bitscope, i have an old 120. Cl