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I have used a 2D fdtd matlab code from Hagness/Taflove to compute the scattered near field from a vertically orientated conducting cylinder. I have then computed an equivalent model from a commercial 3D MOM package and calculated the scattered H filed in the near field at the same location as in the fdtd model(i.e. apart from not extending (...)
Dear all, I'm looking for actually limits attained from the modern fdtd implementations on cluster in terms of time elapsed and grid sizing. I'm interested in scattering problems of large structures as airplanes or ships with antennas installed. Does anybody know the latest results reached from universities or commercial code ? Regards, Va
Writing the fdtd codes is noy very difficult. I think Xfdtd is best commercial software in EM simulators that uses fdtd method for analysis. you can find some useful code in the internet by Taflove, Hagness, Gandy and the others. you could search edaboard to get my code base on the Sullivan's Book.
are there any commercial software employing BOR-fdtd? I am also interested in non-commercial software...
Do you have any idea about simulator which can cover both optical and electrical domain Any reasonable fdtd program should do. The only widely available commercial fdtd program I have used - Quickwave - certainly should be capable. I can and do run both types of simulations with my own fdtd program without any problems.
Hi Xfdtd is a commercial software based on fdtd technique by Remcon. Its little fast but difficult to implement. Regards
IE3D is a MoM software and it is the only commercial software I know that has genetic optimizer
EM Explorer (EMXP) is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) solver for planewave scattering problems. A GUI version of EMXP for Windows platform can be downloaded from the link below, free for non-commercial and educational use.