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Hello all, I am trying to control the brightness on 8 separate common anode RGB led strips(24 Channels) of varying lengths using a single Arduino nano or Mega board. I have found other threads and online articles suggesting that a TLC5940 chip(16 channels) with the help of MOSFETs can do exactly that. However I am merely a student and (...)
Why are you looking for this outdated device? There are many recent common anode drivers with serial input available, e.g. TLC5926 and compatible devices from other manufacturers.
Hello, I'm facing a problem here. I have four 7-segment displays, 4 inches each. There are common cathode. I'm trying to connect them in a PIC18F4550, but I'm failing in build a interface between the microcontroller and the displays (because the voltage level). Can someone help me?
is ic 2803 required for current sink?? Yes...When you configured your controller pins as outputs (logic zero (0)), single port pins can receive a current of 10mA. If all 8 bits of a port are active, a total current must be limited to 15mA (port P0: 26mA). If all ports (32 bits) are active, total maximum current must be limited to
Normally high current saturated switch is used for digits and current limited switches for each segment. Show your work. Is it CA or CC?, common anode or cathode
Hello All, I am working on displaying day, date & time information on 7 segment led using 74HC595 shift registers and common anode configuration. Please see my attached diagram. I am explaining the acrchitecture as follows: 1) The top row displays time in HH:MM:SS format. 2) The middle row displays date in DD:MM:YY format. 3) The (...)
You don't tell us what kind of leds you are using: back to back? common anode? two separate leds? Maybe something like this would work... (D3 should be a
It depends on whether your led shares a common anode or common cathode. The simplest scenario is you connect the leds to spare contacts on the relay. If the led is common anode, you could connect the common pin to the relay supply, one (...)
:-), good question, for sure similar but maybe you can used it for some experiments. I think the pinout is the same, just a question of common anode or cathode. On this site you'll find datasheets for different lc2088, compare to your lc2088!
from your image its common Anone 7 segment display A - anode , K - Cathode ( see image)
It seems that here the 4-pin RGB led has a common anode (connected to +), right? On the other hand, if the board could be supplied by different 12V sources and 11V is good for the board, placing a forward diode in series with each source and joining the diodes at the other side, the board will be supplied automatically by the highest (...)
i am having a problem in makin a project for my college ...i started a project with some c code in keil but its not working in proteus and even in the hardware...plz help c code for this project is: // Program to make a digital clock with time and alarm setting features #include sbit dig_ctrl_4=P1^0; //Declare the control p
Assumptions: 1) The groups of 3 leds represents a single common anode RGB led. 2) The test points represent out pins of a TLC5940 IC. 3) The 4 xTLC5940 output pins on the left side of the schematic get a fixed duty cycle of 100%. 4) The 12 x TLC5940 output pins at the bottom of the schematic get a variable duty cycle and (...)
To start with, I am using 7-segment led display common cathode. You need common anode display not common cathode. datasheet of 74LS47. and its connection
I have a ULN 2003, and common anode RGB led's, I know technically this won't work, but is there any way to make it work? I have to work with what I have here. I'm thinking of possibly using mosfets to drive the led's, but I really don't think it's worth the effort seeing as they would have to be removed from another PCB. (...)
Hi I wan't to control around 100 RGB led (not an led matrix) and need to obtain different colours. Now I am trying the multiplexing by switching the common anode of led using a ring counter and applying the 3 channel PWM from MCU. But for me, I cannot sacrifice the led brightness, I want (...)
I did a project 7 segment with common anode but this did not work on common cathode. What's the reason of this.Can someone help me? :(
hi friends , i'm trying to build up led display of 8x40. i'm done with source code and now i want to test it on proteus . i'm planning to use matrix8x8-green simulation model for simulation purpose but the problem is that it doesn' t contain any pinout information. i want common cathode pins as row and column as commomn anode. plz help me (...)
hi... go to add components-->search for 7 segment display--->chose the type u want(common cathode/anode)--->add it to the work-space.... thats the way to do it...hope it helps.. cheers... vijay
hello ,you can use 2 decade counter with 3 leg led that's two coloure led with common cathod. connect anode of the led to one 4017. I can't sent anylink example link am using mobile .if you want I will later.