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sir, while reading a paper published in IEEE in 2004-- Design of fractal rat race coupler By HANI GHALI AND TAREK MOSELHY Electronics and communication dept., Ains Shams University, cairo, egypt i am not getting which software they have used IE3D or Ansoft Design and how different ports are please help me. Regards
Dear all, I will be graduating next year ISA, and I've been confused for a long time about the career path I have to pursue. I'm interested in communication systems' design and have academic interests, that's why I am looking forward to working in a design center. But because egypt is an outsourcing country, I think that salaries will not be hi
Hello, I want to establish serial communication between a microcontroller and either Sony Ericsson T280 or Siemens C35, but I can't find the serial cables for any of these phones as they're no longer supported (I can't find them in egypt, any suggestions!) Should the cables be specific to C35 or T280, or is there a generic cable! Any advic
Hi there , I really need your help guys : I am a fresh graduate communication engineer from egypt . My only wish right now is to win a job opportunity in Vodafone or Ericsson in any team (RF , core network ...etc) ... can anybody help me with what it takes to win such a job ... I mean what qualifications should I have ? I have the basics
MAG (Mobile Associates Group) Consulting - A Canadian company providing Consulting services to mobile operators/vendors - is looking for communication engineers to work on an RF planning and optimization project in its branch in egypt with the job description below. CVs are to be sent to with "Job Ref 2105" i
elsalamo 3likom we are in egypt very helpful, just ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any way , implementation of some communication blocks on DSP or FPGA is very common. if you want a new , interesting thing go on for making functions by embedded matlab subset ( version 7.5 and more) , this codes can be downloaded to DSP or FPGA . For a good idea try
hi all I write this topic for all egyptian guys, now you can get Trimble's Copernicus? GPS receiver Module here in egypt with low price , I contacted the distrebuter here in egypt Zoneegypt they tell me that this chip could cost over than 1600 LE !!!!! in additional you must get a license from ministry if (...)
Hi To All We need a fresh graduated communication,Electronic,Control Engineers... The co. at maadi, helwan,egypt to contact 0122400178 Regards. MedTronic
advanced courses for communication& electronics engineers in egypt Courses: Digital design using FPGA(vhdl) Digital design using FPGA(verilog) Microcontroller using assembly Microcontroller using C MATLAB programming MATLAB simulink 24 ORCAD IC layout (Cadence tools) Special discounts for: Packages & Groups For information: 01
hi My name is Mohamed and i'm an engineer in communication and electonics. I live in egypt. so I ask if there is a job for me my