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Hello! Can anyone help me with a matlab code for MIMO-OFDM system? I will very grateful The textbook: "mimo-ofdm wireless communications with matlab" is what you need man
Hi all friends.I hope someone can help me about chirp slope keying modulation( CSK) technique in underwater communications.I am working on CSK and need to simulate in matlab. Please is there anybody here to give me ebook or something else.(maybe documents..)about CHIRP SLOPE KEYING MODULATION scheme for matlab). I will be pleased.And I (...)
Hi, I am new to this "edaboard". I am a graduate student specializing in digital communications. Can anyone please help me to solve the below problem which is required for my final project. I am now in the process of learning matlab and simulink software. I am not fully aware of the matlab commands. So i request your kind help as soon (...)
you can connect the microcomputer to your laptop using serial communications, USB, WiFi, etc matlab then offers you various tools to interface to the device, e.g.
I am about to finish my Master's in Electrical Engg with Digital communications specialization in Canada. I have good knowledge of DSP, matlab, FPGA Design using Verilog, Verification using System Verilog. I have an experience of about six years (five years in Hardware testing and one year in ASIC verification) outside of Canada and I am lookin
This picture is from book MIMO-OFDM Wireless communications with matlab by Cho Y.S. The matlab code is located in book directly below the figure. function y_CFO=add_CFO(y,CFO,Nfft) % add CFO (carrier frequency offset) % y : Received signal % CFO = IFO (integral CFO) + FFO (fractional CFO) % Nfft = FFT size nn=0:length(y)-1; y_CFO = (...)
hi, i had done plot graph BER cooperative communications with using QAF (Quantize-Amplify and forward) protocol..i use bpsk modulation and 4 level quantization..please tell me how to use qpsk modulation with 16 level quantization..the matlab code as below..actually i dont know this code right or not, so please correct and help me..thank you c
Hello, everybody! I would be very appreciated if someone can help with matlab codes of AF, DF and CC codes in Cooperative communications. The case is: 1 source, 1 relay and 1 destination. Need to compare BER vs SNR plot of three relay techniques. Thanks a lot.:-D
I am not sure about your board, but my past experience says most of the serial communications work at parity 'none' status. You may try and check if it works or not.
I am trying to replicate this particular paper - Ruiliang Chen; Jung-Min Park; Kaigui Bian, "Robust Distributed Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks," INFOCOM 2008. The 27th Conference on Computer communications. IEEE , vol., no., pp.1876,1884, 13-18 April 2008 Its about Byzantine attacks in spectrum sensing in Cognitive radio network.
Check out this book "MIMO-OFDM Wireless communications with matlab", by Yong Soo Cho, Jaekwon Kim, Won Young Yang, and Chung G. Kang. There is a pdf version on the Internet.
Hi, I am new to Digital communications and matlab. I am learning to implement modulations and demodulations in matlab. I have an amplitude modulated signal at the receiver input. I am trying to recover the message bits after the demodulation. Following are the parameters of the modulated signal: Carrier frequency = 22000 Hz (...)
Hi, There is a book called "MIMO OFDM Wireless communications with matlab" by Yong Soo Cho, Jaekwon Kim, Won Young Yang, and Chung G. Kang. There is a free PDF version on the net. I haven't used it so I am not sure it addresses resource allocation for OFDM but I guess it's worth checking it out.
Hi, I am new to Digital communications and matlab. I am trying to implement the modulation scheme shown in the attached file . My matlab code is here: . clc; clear all; close all; % ---------------------------------------------------------------------- % ----------------------
Hi, This my first term in master study And I need an idea for a term project on matlab in digital signal processing course. And I am planning for my master thesis to be about wireless communications. So I need a term project to be the beginning. one condition: the idea should be an application... thanks for any help in advance,,,
Neoway Technology Co., Ltd. supply modules for WCDMA,EVDO, GPRS, CDMA 1X and other communications systems, as well as related services. ? In first two quarters of 2011 1800K shipments 200K to overseas ? Total shipments 6900K til July 2011 M590/E----The first single-chip pure data GSM/GPRS module ? Chip: Infineon 7880 ? D
hello Can any one suggest me for any new topic in mimo channel communications? any thing..
matlab is extremely useful for Communication Engineering matlab - The Language Of Technical Computing I believe they even have a communications toolbox BigDog
You should use awgn function from communications package.
check this communications System Toolbox - Demos This is the code for 2*2 MIMO system, which employs BPSK Modulation. Eb_N0_dB= 0:32; % multiple Eb/N0 values nTx = 2; nRx = 2; M=input('Enter the M Value for