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Hi all, I want to create the database using a hspice file which include the verilog-a model. But I found that the ".hdl" may not be read by ELC. So does anyone know how to use a verilog-a file in the hspice without using the ".hdl",or how to convert the file into a hspice syntax file? Regards
Hello. Now i'm doing some work connected with emc(electromagnetic compability). Do somebody know articles or recommendations(ITU), where fading of interference signals are taken into account?
For now, I am using old version Protel; Protel98 to design schematic and PCB. If I install new version of Protel, I mean Protel DXP2004 and I make schematic using it, can I open the schematic file using old Protel98? Thanks for any input:)
This is Linux to cadence compability problem. You can try one of the follow... 1. Try to update the icfb (what usr pack are you using?) 2. Change Fedora 7 to Fedora 4, it works well.
hahaha finally someone has the same problem could you post the specs of the PC that you are installing on I am supecting that it is a problem with the compability issue on 64 bit computers or a issue with fedora core
Any shell script maybe run fine because of a lot of compability Any perl script will run fine. But I am not aware you can run solaris programs in linux. but: Solaris 10 will run Linux programs Lxrun is a user-space program that allows users of SCO(r) OpenServer(tm), didnīt mention anything about pin-compability... I would still suggest as above going with CPLD...even if you find some comparable part it might be obsolete soon also (o; BTW: In Quartus II the 74199 symbol is included (o;