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Hi all, I have a compaq notebook power supply and would like to use it with my Turnigy ACCUCEL 6 battery charger. The problem is that the maximum input voltage of the charger is 18V and this psu deliver 19,5V @ 5A. Is it possible to use a resistor in series with an AIC1085 low dropout linear voltage regulator to drop the input voltage (...)
Hi all. I need the schematic diagram for the compaq V700, chassis CHE7789. It's completely died. A capacitor on power supply primary stage is fried and I can't read its value. Anyone can help me? Thank you
I must repair a compaq Presario 5000, the PSU has 24 pin and I want connect a standard ATX psu, but pinout is different, someone know it ??
Hi to all compaq uwave2 system board won't post. Verified power supply, processor 1.0mhz, and pc 100 memory were okay. Fans and everything esle runs, but it won't post. Anz idea to fix the mainboard?
i have all schematic pc PS but when i trying to service new ATX PS the old schematic didn't match with the new PS is any one have newes schematic about ATX PS i would be pleasen to have it ? isi anyone have the buildup PC PS example from compaq and soon please tell me where the link's?
Need help with the repair of this notebook. It has integrated switching power supply which fails now. Anyone has some detailed info (schematics) or repair tips specially for this notebook? Thanks for your help.