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Hello Ive had a 6 year break from doing FPGA work and am now faced with designing a very complex system for a project so I need a faily rapid education on everything from FPGA basics to designing robust digital systems. Ideally I would like a single comprehensive book on VHDL and a single comprehensive book on digial (...)
Hi, We are in 2015, VHDL and Verilog are dinosaurs and don't give the possibility to build abstraction and to describe a complex generic design without pain. Spinal HDL is a Scala internal domain specific language that try to increase productivity by some way : All the syntax of Scala is usable. Allow you to build abstraction,
Did you look at LTE chipset specifications? I/Q-modulators are often using DACs with with built-in interpolation filters and oversampling, I won't be surprized if this technique is used for LTE as well. General rule of thumb in recent DSP design, if you can avoid complex analog filters by digital means without increasing power demand too (...)
How useful do you imagine you are, with a couple of courses under your belt in a specialty field? I drifted into analog from digital, then interface product design. The "simpler" attributes let me learn many nuances with less exposure to failure than trying to do a complex or parametrically demanding analog part, right off. The analog (...)
What's next think i need to learn to become complex real time chip designer ?
The first thing I imagine is a FSM where in the first state you get the number, then in the second you do the operation and third you display the resul. On way to do it is by getting the complement of the number (e.g. 10010 --> 01101) and then add 1 to it (so the final result would be 01110). I'm sure there is a more complex mathematic procedure to
Spacing is only for voltage and on inner layers is 0.25mm for up to 500V. It all depends on the design and complexity, and as Kabaleevisu has said more is better if the design allows. For a complex digital board with numerous voltage planes you have to use the minimum spacing to get the power distributed, on (...)
Hi All, I have a question where I am given two gates (gate1 and gate2) and I have to use them to make a xor gate out of it. Please refer the attached image for the truth table of Having outputs as Z for two gates makes things complex. It will be really
i am new to digital design, let me know imp topics in designing, reading material on VHDL and any kind of information you would like to give to me. Waiting for reply's. Thanks "The purpose of this presentation is to explain the general structure of a digital design. A small design of a (...)
designing a linear power amplifier its a more complex job than just increase the DC bias current. During the design, parameters as Gain, P1dB, IP3, AM-PM, ACPR (if use digital modulation), Noise Power, etc, should be measured. All of these parameters can differentiate a linear PA by a saturated PA. Most of the PA (...)
Hello, I need advice on how to do final simulation of a complex design project. I'm doing a project which consist of various digital circuit blocks. For ease of design I have designed each module separately. However, to see the overall functionality of the project. I need to create a netlist which can link (...)
Hi Im thinking on joining to ONE IEEE society, but Im not sure which one. which IEEE societies and magazines are most related to complex and high-speed digital board design and Signal integrity and Power Integrity analysis? Im looking for something from the point of view of the board level product development, and NOT something for (...)
hi dear all... I have a vector consist of sine and cosine valus (A complex exponential) in MATLAB. How to generate a look-up table with this values in verilog? I know that should be use a block-RAM, but I don't know how to write verilog code. please help me. the values placed in a 40961 vector in MATLAB. I think a 4K RAM should be used, is it
I think surely. Even in FPGA or CPLD design process we use Mealy or Moore models to design the circuit. One advantage is that, nowadays, most of the complex part of solving Mealy or Moore models are done by a computer software.
I think that dividing your design to smaller blocks always help. You can than simulate first in block level and have small running time. The smaller blocks are re-useable for other projects. As for the synthesis it depends how big your design is. If it is not too large, than do a top down synthesis flow, which is the easiest. Some complex (...)
In the link is all you need but is LED output. For LCD you need a more complex circuitry, with LCD output the best choice is use a microcontroller but you need to program it and is not for beginers (as me). Look at the link I think is what you need to start. LCD advantage is that needs very low power to work. See LCD counter schematics http:/
Hello, Leonardo Spectrum synthesizer has a ASIC library named scl05u. After synthesizing a design with this library I get a technology schematic with primitive block named: AO2L0, OAI5R0, NR2R0 etc. I understand these are all complex gates (AND-OR-Invert, Or-AND- Invert, etc.) but I cannot find a datasheet or a vhdl/verilog c
what kind of design do i need while designing a wireless communications chip analogue design, digital design and RF design :-) so, a wireless communication chip is quite complex, it requires designers from every field...
Nora, Noise filter design is a complex subject. Take the simple example where the ADC must convert signals from 0 to X Hz. You have to first determine how much attenuation you coan tolerate at the high end of the spectrum (X Hz). Then you need to determine how much attenuation you require at some frequency above X Hz. You can now design (...)
Hi everybody, can anyone please provide me the solution manual of 1) contemporary logic design -Randy h. katz 2) fundamentals of logic design- Charles Roth also advanced degital design problems with specs, which require FSMs(with solutions if possible) any link as how to solve complex digital (...)