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I desire to design a microwave filter using Chebyshev polynomials but I would like to use dispersive materials for the multilayer structure. In this case the parameter 'X' will be complex T1 (x) =x T2 (x) =2x2 − 1 T3 (x) =4x3 − 3x T4 (x) =8x4 − 8x2 + 1 T5 (x) =16x5 − 20x3 + 5x did someone do something like (...)
Did you look at LTE chipset specifications? I/Q-modulators are often using DACs with with built-in interpolation filters and oversampling, I won't be surprized if this technique is used for LTE as well. General rule of thumb in recent DSP design, if you can avoid complex analog filters by digital means without increasing (...)
first order means an RC RC product should be 2 seconds. Put Z(r) = 1000 + j0 Put Z(c) = 0 + j. xc where xc = 1/2.pi.f.C Where C = 0.002 Farad Now you can work it through and get vin/vout in complex numbers, ie the s parameter relation
I suggest you add an amplifier after the filter to drive the piezo load and isolate the load from the filter. designing a passive filter to drive a complex load would be, well, complex especially since the load probably varies with the operating conditions.
hi i'm working on PA LPF ,4W,VHF band. the PA outpout impedance is complex value and I need to connect it to an antenna with 50 ohm impedance.So, there is a need for harmonics rejection (by LPF) and for an Impedance matching network. My questions: 1- Can I design a LPF (for matching and filtering at the same time) with as minimum as (...)
Why are posting this twice? I don't believe that you need to worry about smaller waveform distortions in signal generation. You are presenting a rather complex oscillator circuit. Why this particular circuit? Do you understand what the purpose of each circuit detail is? If you do, you'll also know how to influence signal distortions. But what
You can't design a passive butterworth filter without utilizing inductors. Passive RC filters have real poles only, but >= 2nd order butterworth needs complex poles.
This is complex problem, irst you need to freeze the specification, find the approach filter type and then order, then target for WLS for each finger.
Hello All, I am about to design a CT/BP/complex ΔΣ ADC . First I have designed a LP DT Real NTF then changed it to CT prototype next I've shifted the center freq. to 5 MHz. When I plot the NTF and STF it seems the filter property is ok. I have also extracted the ABCD matrix to be able to simulate the system in (...)
Dear friends, As a part of my thesis which is to design a bandpass sampling receiver I have two basic questions to ask: 1- How to express and show a single sideband bandpass signal in MATLAB. 2- I have the transfer function of a complex FIR filter and the coefficients but I don't know how to express it in MATLAB and see its response to (...)
Dear friends, As a part of my thesis which is to design a bandpass sampling receiver I have two basic questions to ask: 1- How to express and show a single sideband bandpass signal in MATLAB. 2- I have the transfer function of a complex FIR filter and the coefficients but I don't know how to express it in MATLAB and see its response to (...)
If you have never done filter coding in hardware I suggest you try Matlab/Simulink with HDL coder along with System Generator(Xilinx). You'll be designing and synthesizing complex filters in a couple of days.
I will design complex bandpass filter(Active RC filter). Usually, I use filter Solution Program for designing filter. But, I can't find complex filter in filter Solution Program . Please let me know how to (...)
I need to design a complex coefficient filter to filter the complex value of each subband after filter bank. Can you recommend me any books on that? Thank you very much.
Hi! I am doing a design of a complex bandpass filter. But the variation of the process is a big question. And i can't find the solution. Thanks in advance! Added after 2 minutes: oh, the filter structure of my design is active RC.
Nora, Noise filter design is a complex subject. Take the simple example where the ADC must convert signals from 0 to X Hz. You have to first determine how much attenuation you coan tolerate at the high end of the spectrum (X Hz). Then you need to determine how much attenuation you require at some frequency above X Hz. You can now (...)
Hi, It all depends!!! One way as our friends mentioned before, you can use MATLAB (with SystemGenerator by Xilinx, DSPTool by Altera) to generate simple to complex DSP algorithms (including filters). Another way is to use a DSP filter core provided with the vendor design tool (i.e. ISE, Quartus II, etc.). These (...)
What do you mean by "complex filter"? What is your filter requirement or specs?
you can symmetrically put finite transmission zeros on the real axis or the four quadrants of the complex frequency plane in the cross-coupled filter.
Hi, all, I have a question about the design of 4th-order loop filter for charge-pump PLL. Dean give a method to design a loop filter by given pole ratios. In dean's method, the poles of the filter are all on the real axis, but I think it is possible to design a filter with (...)
I think the input must be like 50 or 75 ohms. And the impedance of the preamplifier must be complex number. Which software will do this job easily? Very interesting.
I think, for equivalent load of speaker, it conmbines serial R, L, and emf, should no Cap. hello,peterwangyu, Thanks for the reply. Would you pls. explain what "emf" stands for? emf = electro magnetic force. Loudspeakers can be quite complex ie. not only driver and filter electrical, par
It is used in filter design because you can replace an inductor by an OTA an a capacitor. Capacitors are better integrated than inductors, so, using OTAs and capacitors you can manufacture more complex and accurate integrated filters.
Hi all, I have a question, when I design a receiver, I plan to implement the channel selection filter with switched-capacitor circuit for the chip area thinking of. But I seldom see such a method, I want to know if this roadmap reliable. Thank you! hanm
specially with topics in complex mixer and complex filter design. i am involving in a project on this. need to understand low-if in the system level. Thanks
HI! I am interested in a job as an Analog IC design Engineer, Since 1997 I have been working with various aspects of high frequency electronics. At my present job at XXX I have had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in complex integrated circuit design in general and in filter, PLL and VCO design in (...)
I want to use matlab to general the test bench code or some complex signal wave file, the simulator, for example, altera's quartusii or xilinx's ise(in fact modelsim) then use the wave file to simulate. The simulation result can be send to matlab to view the wave or the frequency spectrum. when design a digital filter the method may be (...)
Hi, Has anybody built one of these 120 dB audio DAC? I have a question about it...... It typically has an interpolation filter and a DS modulator followed by an off-chip filter. Is the interpolation filter just a simple linear interpolator or does it require some complex interpolation algorithm? Colombo2