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Yes.. LSSP ( Large signal S Parameters ) simulation is available in cadence MMSIM package. Or you may also do a PSS analysis by connecting a current probe at the input and then you can find Large signal Input Impedance by using calculator ( as usual V/I). Essentially Zin=V/I ( V and I complex quantities ).
I have designed a complex filter in cadence and want to find its signal to noise ratio. Can anyone please tell me how to do it?? Thanks in advance
Hi, I've a task of design complex ICs, which will use in communication systems like TETRA, and consists of some RF part, bandpass SD-ADC and some digital filters. And main problem - full top-down design, preferable, without problem connections betwenn tools. Especialy, I guess problems in hierarchical design, when I will need verify circuits of
Yes, indeed the zero crossing is missing some accuracy. I think spectre could be forced to set a time step exact at the zero crossing of I and Q signal. But there is another method. Take the FFT or in the case of cadence calculator DFT of the I and the Q signal. The calculate the difference of the argument of the complex (...)
Not really agree with previous forumers. You can do both analog and digital parts in cadence Virtuoso and Spectre. However, it is unlikely to do the complex digital component in cadence Virtuoso and Spectre. Usually simple digital components like latches for latched Flash A/D converter, or back-to-back inverters as memory, or other simple (...)