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Hi, I am trying to synthesis verilog code for register file (using BRAM primitive RAMB16BWE_S36_S36) on spartan-3A board using ISE 14.7. But I am getting an error ERROR:Xst:2009 - Model 'RAMB16BWE_S36_S36' has different characteristics in destination library. The user component name 'RAMB16BWE_S36_S36' conflicts with the library (...)
An olb is a library; do you want to export every component in your library? I don't think you can do that. Why don't you just export the pin list from your schematic?
hey guys new to proteus. im trying to convert from schematic to PCB and some components are missing what can i do? 135425
library ieee; USE ieee.std_logic_1164.ALL; USE std.textio.ALL; USE ieee.numeric_std.ALL; ENTITY Trial_test IS END Trial_test; ARCHITECTURE behavior OF Trial_test IS -- component Declaration for the Unit Under Test (UUT) component Trial PORT( clk : IN std_logic; c : IN std_logic_vec
To use this diode model in ADS, you need ADS library component of this diode from a vendor. First check in ADS, if this model is not available then please check with the vendor (Microsemi), if they can provide you ADS component of this diode.
there are different types of crystal oscillator you should have its mechanical data including pad position and spacing or measure it yourself precisely then design library component , you can print designed component with 1:1 scale and verify it before use.
The possibility to swap pins in Expedition is defined at the component level. You have to modify the component definition with the part editor, either in the library to allow it in all cases. Or on the design, to allow it in this special case. - - - Updated - - - The possibility to swap pins in Expedition i
while we make the board, we can call for needed packages and change the internal pads therein, by using drill and diameter . save and come out on the board layout we can call library and "save all" it would bring the changes on to your component modified. there are no errors after pressing the "ratnest" button. regards sarma vu3zmv
When I want to add instance/device, I open the "add instance" by click on "i", and click on "browse" from the panel, it turns on the "component browser" as shown on the right figure. Only one library is shown in the library column, and I have to select the library I wanted through the library column in the (...)
Schematic to layout (given a suitably constructed primitives library) is offered (some assembly required). Code to layout, I have never seen in the analog realm. Structural verilog / veriloga (where every element at the lowest level is a real component, transistor / resistor / capacitor, call and no "loop" or such constructs, might be massaged int
Suppose i have captured a schematic of inverter. I used UMC180nm and in from it i used only noms(N_18_) and pmos(P_18_). Which library file should i add for these two transistor in IC5 from where do i get the list to for adding library with respect to each used component.
in a schematic, how to just upddate the selected I'm not sure it updating just selected components is the correct thing to do. It seems more safe to create a variant of the original schematic component and apply changes just on it. Anyway, it is possible to select individual parts to proceed changes. Did you see section "Controlli
Altium How to Select a component in schematic editor, then update the schematic symbol from the library, but keep the "component designator", and keep the "value" text associated with that component as it stands in the schematic....Eagle Pro automatically does this for you, you never fall fowl of this in Eagle, how to do (...)
If I remember correctly, I had a similar issue at on a specific version of the Altium Designer, and turned around by adding to the layout the just edited component. This automatically changed all the ones with the same footprint.
Hi, In general you need to create all the PCB footprint you need. Orcad/Cadence does not provides generic PCB footprint libraries. And yes, it is required to manually add the PCB footprint to any component in your symbol library. You may find symbols and/or footprint from some vendors (e.g Altera ). Franck.
As said by TrickyDicky, source files for components ha and or1 not compiled to work library (not included in the simulated project files).
Time to learn how to draw and add components and footprints on this CAD. It is an essential ability to those who work in PCB board design.
I did something like that in PADS 2009, it is indeed possible, but I had to add each footprint individually to the current library in use. Given that this was made more than five years ago, I do not remember the exact steps, but it was somewhat intuitive, like just by clicking on the component with the right mouse button.
I'm using Altium Designer 16.0 I'm quite new to Altium Designer. First, I learned schematic and PCB design basics. Now I'm trying to simulate my electronics circuits I've been searching on the net to find out how to do simulation in Altium Designer. I found some tutorial pages in its official website: component, Model and library Concepts
Hello, I need to us a card-edge connector for one of PCB designs. As I could not find appropriate library for the CAD tool I am using, I started looking for a way to create my own component, i.e. footprint. I found a bunch of tutorials on the creation of new components, so that's not an issue. My problem concerns reading the technical (...)
I have tried to simulate the circuit showed below with thyristor from DISCRETE library but shows me the message: No PSpice Template for Q2 (also for Q1). But it is not only with S2800 thyristor, with other thyristors from that library too like T106D1/TO or others.. obrazki.e
Declare the block you want to instantiate as a component in your design.
I am currently designing a circuit where I need a buzzer in orcad cadence. I am not able to find the component in the library. Can anyone tell me where to find the library for the file or how to design the model file to load in the library?
Hi all, I need a help from your side regarding STEP file. I am working on Freescale FXTHxxx series (TPMS) IC. I have completed layout,but one thing is still pending. STEP model of this IC. If any one have that please share it here. Thank you.
You could do that by creating a specific PCB component for that in your library. Just write the text in top silk layer, and then make a copy and place it juxtaposing itself, but changing the layer of the newer text to soldermask. This way, you have two identical texts overlapped, one over other.
hi i just start to design rectifier circuit and it need a schottky diode but when i check my component library it was no there. now how i found that.and also missing high frqunecies diode. and it is possible we made the same diode from the lumped components.
the "+" sign should be in the geometric centre for smd's. so that the pick and place machine knows the component location. Seriously though, its very easy to make your own 18dip footys with eagle. Just get the datasheet open. Put a thru hole pad down with the right sizing make sure its on (0,0) Then change the grid to 2.54mm And then copy paste t
Although being unnusual to add a component at the library not at the top layer, I presume that you could do that just by drawing this component with the bottom primitives ( Pads, Silkscreen, etc... ).
Hello Everyone, i have created a custom nRF51 bluetooth component and i added to the exisiting library part followed by i created a simple schematic using LED then in the simulation part it is showing duplicate part reference i dont understand what is this error? and i also when i edit my custom component i am not able to program path, (...)
Hello every body. I m a beginner in electronic software. I'd like to know if it's possible to create a library of a component ( for proteus) if the software doesn't have it in the first place. Im facing a problem: there is a library for the ESP8266 on eagle but not on Proteus... somebody help please
Hello, In Altium Designer 15.1 there is a new field "Type" when create a new blank component sheet. Do you knon which is the use of this field and if for example the "mechanical" choice is for components like relays?
Are you using the same model library for each component ?
the SerialPort component has a Handshake property to select None, Xon/Xoff or RTS handshake this assumes you have similar handshake software for the PIC16
Perhaps because you'v declared a generic in the entity, but not in the component.
You need to check if the footprint associated to PCB device matches to the pinouts of the SCH component in the library.
If you cant design a component footprint then don't design PCBs, this is one of the core skills required, an understanding of the basics... and you cant get more basic than the main PCB building block a FOOTPRINT!
Are you sure about the type name? Not a commonly known part, apparently. If it's a very special part you should learn how to make your own library components. Otherwise there might be popular replacement.
Hi guys, i have just came across a problem while placing components in Altium 14.1. When i click on to the component to move it into the board, the component beceomes invisible during movement. How do i make it visible ?
if you look in Visual Studio's Toolbox you will find the SerialPort component you can set up the COM port, baudrate, etc and read/write data from/to the port the code can be writen in C++, C#, VB, etc
I've never understood why some people are scared to create new components\footprints. Just find a reliable datasheet online and that's it. It's a basic skill and frankly, creating a component in Altium, Diptrace, or any other quality CAD I don't consider to be a "skill", because it's really easy! DipTrace is my champ here. If you create new parts i
Looks like your schematic component's pin names is not compatible with the names of the pins the footprint you use has. Change one of them, if you have a library editor, or try some other library components.
Hi. In my status, 2 different kind of VHDL model in there. So I tried as following. A com, elab B com, elab But B is needed A component. Then how to control the work library and cds.lib?
If I understand right, you want to design a flex PCB to be used with FFC connectors, not the PCB where the connectors are mounted. If so, you'll start to sketch FFC copper pattern, either as a library component, or directly in your design. It doesn't make much sense to start the design without any knowledge of PCB layout in general and Altium
Hi. I'm trying to import vhdl source code into Verdi. The source code included user-defined-library file like this library ieee, ZOTLIB ; use ieee.numeric_bit.all ; use ZOTLIB.component ; ... The error messsage is like this Can not find library. How can I import library?
i am designing a 4-bit phase shifter on ADS. i want to use BAP51-04W switch(NXP component)which is not there in ADS library.i have also download NXP library but unfortunately i did not find out the same in NXP library also.please guide me how to design the BAP51-04W switch in ADS
If you look in the ADS help for the COAX element, you will see this note: "Starting with ADS2005A, the COAX component is not available in the library or palette, but can be accessed from the component History field. It is recommended to use COAX_MDS instead of COAX. The COAX component may cause an unexpected change in the (...)
im try to design a schematic using allegro 16.3 in Design Entry HDL, i already install the standart library. But why at my tool bar, passive and discrete component is disable.. this is what i
Hello Everyone! I am trying to add new component to my Saber software library but facing some problems. Actually I need five winding DC, transformer but available are less than 4 winding transformers.What i did was to modify that of four winding transformer and also edited its *.sin file. There was some part in *.sin file which w
I am trying to retrieve the name of a 3D component library using a script in HFSS. I have tried to use GetObjectsInGroup("") with the name of the 3D component library, and that did not work. In the attachment, I want to be able to get a list of the Solids and Sheets in "PartA1". Thanks you in advance for the help. (...)
you can use COMPIN component as physical shown in above video.