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The selection of which component are you stuck on?
Hi, I am designing ac drive using MC3PHAC ready to use motor controller. I am aware of 0.5HP power supply design with below component: 10A rectifier, IRAMS10UP60A power module, 390uF 400V capacitor, MOV I require suggetion on component selection for 1HP(750W) design. If schematic is available ready for reference then it will be most (...)
Hello Experts, I am using Altium 10. If I click a component in Altium 10 it actually select (white area) as in Image B. But actually I want to select like " Image A". But my current setting is not give the selection like Image A. Please help me. Note : Due to extra area selection as in Image B I am getting more clearance (...)
The most ancient speed controls used an L-pad. Simple, fairly low loss, and hard to find anymore. Inductive loads can be controlled by triac / SCR dimmer styles but there is more voltage applied at the current-zero-crossing which the design has to accommodate (lamp dimmers have it easy). This is really just component selection (but you need to h
Your question can apply to two different specs: (1) safe ampacity without overheating, or (2) saturation current as an inductor. Re #1: Traditional advice is to use a rating twice whatever amount you expect the component to be exposed to. During part of each cycle your coil will carry greater than 1A. Overall it may average out to 1A
MOSFET selection is a much more ambiguous process than the other components. Even with specific information on the converter, you'll probably have to choose between dozens, or even hundreds, of suitable candidates. I can't find any info on the TN27222. Do you mean the LM27222? So you're planning to use N channel FETs for both switches, right?
This means that the device that you use doesn't have a simulation model. There is a checkbox in the Proteus component selection screen that can show only devices with simulation models, this way you can select from the models that have simulation data. If your specific device doesn't have the simulation model then you can't use it for simulation bu
Most simulator do have a Monte Carlo option and what they basically do is to run a simulation (dc, transient, ac, etc) a number of times to give you a set of values or family of waveforms. Each time a simulation is run, a new set of component values are selected and the simulation is run. The selection of component values depends on what (...)
GA is usually used for single parameter optimisation. Analogcircuit with one component for critical performance selection , then it can be tried. but for real values you may have to write lot of codes. you can consider any other method other than GA for analog circuits.
diode.olb/lib is the library name in the library directory for the diodes in the package. You have to select the or add the library in component selection.
Basically case of regulated power supply operation....there are the factors that you need to keep in mind while designing power supply and selection of the components... 1) Current rating of your power supply 2) Voltage rating and corresponding voltage regulation 3) Ripple present in the power supply 4) did you want to have sense and correc
Try one of the online selection guides from one of the major component distributors: Circular | Farnell United Kingdom Keith.
LM311 doesn't have a simulation mode, check the show only parts with models checkbox in the component selection screen so that components without model are filtered or you can just check in the right corner above the drawing of the component is it says "no simulation model" For comparator with simulator model you can use (...)
component Chooser A faster and smarter way to select the right component for your design With over 5 million attributes now added to drive your product selection, component Chooser will help you to quickly identify the right device for your application. One easy way to find datasheet and price for (...)
Is your question about plated through hole components or surface mout selection, or using other grade components other than commercial grade? component would not make much difference whether it is leaded or SMD..........
what is the rating and specification of the stepper motor??? your component selection depends on the rating of the motor......
What are the general considerations need to take care while selecting electronic components in design?
Have you looked at Actel? particularly the Smartfusion products. These seem ideally suited to your needs and the biggest (A2F500) comes in at around 50 bucks in low volume. You would probably need some external memory to do the frame swapping and possible a crystal oscillator, depending on the clock stability requirements. There is a 100MHz RC osc
Hello Guys, I am new to Hardware testing. I need to select few loads with respect to the driver output rating. Can anyone Please help me in selecting the loads. Driver rating Imax- 1A overload- <5A Miimum rise and fall time 10 us. Load types can be - Capacitive, max 10?F, (e.g. LED matrix) - Inductive loads with EAS up to 65mJ.
Hi all, I am new to FPGA with embedded processing...and my application is get the ethernet packets through RJ45 and process in FPGA..for which i have to design a PCB through proper component selection and develop application SW to handle this... In this regard i request all you people to help with documents and suggestions and queries.