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Hello all, I am designing an amplifier and a filter that will work around 500-600 MHz connected to a directional antenna. I was focusing on smt components and was trying to design an RF pcb and adjust pcb traces to 50 ohms. But now I am thinking if it is possible to use through hole components and a standard pcb. Should I really be strict about
it depends on the level of detail you want to see, and what aspects. do you need a schematic and then layout? that will influence software choice too. topology selection: PSIM / Simulink component selection? Ridley 4-5-6 power electronics behaviour? probably PSpice controller design? probably simulink. EMI ? maybe (...)
The swing from linear to saturated operation in MOS is a challenge for loop stabilization, but people handle it (by combination of internal design and external component selection). Some LDOs add a shunt device to deal with the leakage / light load regulation issues, at some cost to efficiency.
Hi, everyone. I have a question about how to change the LTspice default path. I found that this software only allow the user choose the component symbols from the current path or the software default path. Actually even I add a sub-folder in its default path, it didn't show up in the software for selection. I am wondering are there any ways to c
Hi, Where can you find the component libraries in Cadence PCB Editor, so you can see the footprints? Thank you
where are you want to use this device and what are your requirements regarding db its depends on your system design and component selection
Hi, all I am very gald to come here,. Now, I met some boring things. All the day , I have to hunt for some suitable IC components on line for my circuit design. My employer hopes to find the expert component for every module. Could u please tell me which company is expert in switch? And in IC digital attenuator? And in mixer? All the compo
It is a nicely documented uart. You should instantiate this UART as a component in your higher level module. these ports can be connected to cpu. rx_data_out : out std_logic_vector(7 downto 0); -- Received Data rx_data_en : out std_logic; -- Received data enable control signal rx_ovf_err : ou
Hi tsy85. Fot matching, ADS has tool for impedance matching.Use smith chart utility. Designguide->Amplifiers->tools--> impedance matching. Before implementing this tool you need to select the configuration you want You will find in " passive circuit DG matching" in component selection menu. Use ADS help for details. you have to do little pra
An idea is to make two oscillators with two separated 555 chips, then using external MUX, select outputs according to its selection lines (1's and 0's).. Or, you can use only one 555 chip, if you could put an intermediate adjustable component.. e.g. a resistance that's been shorten or something like that, when an NPN switch is ON, apply your mod
Hi all, I want to try to do manual placement in Allegro 15.2 by cross selecting component(s) in Capture schematic. Does anybody know how to do it? Thanks.
RF budget analysis usually be taken as link budget for a RF system, transmit or receive. Only by this kind of theory planning, will the component selection or testing be more systemwise and efficiently. For example, you can get cascaded noise figure by individual component NF then put it into your system calculation to see if the resulting (...)
When you double click on the component and open the properties, look at the checkboxes on the left side of the screen. If "Locked" is checked, you will not be able to select the component with a single click. Be sure to leave "Lock Primitives" checked to prevent accidentally modifying the footprint. Uncheck "Locked" to allow selection, (...)
An Osilator is a chosen selection of components that produce an osilation. A crystal is a single component that naturaly reonates at a specific frequency.
RF Engineering. RF means electromagnetic. Engineering means to arrange things skilfully. RF Engineer means to arrange things in the electromagnetic environment skilfully. For engineering study I think should study in 1. System design level. 2. Equipment design level. 3. Board or module design level. 4. component selection and design level.
Asiliant Technologies offers the Chips and Technologies family. Recommendations The proper component selection is based on the application's requirements. The following feature comparisons are summarized to assist in that decision. For ISA bus, use 65545 For VL bus, use 65550 For PCI bus use 65550 Asili
Has anyone resonance frequency table or diagram for smd capacities over component shape (each for 0806 0402 ...) and value? Thanx in advance. Aoxomox
This post is long, so bare with me. I am attempting to design an FM receiver from scratch. My question, described below, is regarding practicle limits of quality factors. How do i chose components such that the local oscillator resonates at a specific frequency AND is stable.. Here is the calculation thought process, feel free to point out any