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How to select gain & component values for colpitt oscillator??
I think any circuit board component buyer has to find a high quality and inexpensive components.selection of good suppliers is here!Choose what you want most.
Every SCR has an "anode gate" and a "cathode gate". Either can trigger it. Usually only one is pinned out, and you may not get to know how well shunted the other is. So you're left with shunting the one you -can- get at, and dealing with the other by component selection based on "what works" and hope the recipe doesn't change. There's a
Hi there, I have a nasty task... The PCB I've to redo there are VIAs with 3 different diameters.. Idea is to have one diameter for all VIAs. selection of all VIAs is easy, now I have problems how to automatically change the diameters of all VIAs. Anyone any idea? Thanks, Sasha - - - Updated - - -
I need some components with small form factor. 1) serial flash with 4-8 M byte, less than 5mmX5MM. 2) LCD or LED or OLED screen with small form factor(less than 25mmX25mm), and LCD connector with small miniature. 3) Micro USB AB receptacle Bottom mount,SMT,without flange.
The reduced sense resistance needs more current through it, in order to develop the same voltage as previously. Your schematic shows that a component (LT1952EGN-1, U1 pin 10) detects that voltage. (This sort of feedback method is common, although I have no hands-on experience with a LT1952EGN-1.) As a general principle, it adjusts operation so tha
Hi guys, This is first message to this forum. I need help for a project. I have to complete it in 8 hours and i don't know where i begin with. 111233 Please help me. If i can't make it i'll fail in electronic course and i will study 1 extra year. English is not my native. Sorry for mistakes.
Hi all, I want to make a project, convert a self propelled lawn mower into a robot. Any one got some good pointers for me, im totally new to robotics. I will want the bot to drive itself around the garden, reverse, go forward and avoid objects. Any ideas what i use to control the forward/reverse gear selection, and what components i will
AP3503E is Buck converter or switching regulator family. It's not a linear regulator. Proper layout matters. Input and Output loops should be properly routed. 1-2W will not be completely dissipated in IC itself. Buck losses consists of Input capacitor, Output capacitor,Inductor, MOSFET, freewheeling diode and IC quiscent power loss. Mostly Quiscen
The criteria for component selection in your original circuit aren't particular understandable, neither are the simulation results (e.g. "0 dB at 1 kHz"). If the amplifier needs the MHz bandwidth indicated by the post filter, the differential amplifier resistors are definitely too high in value, both in terms of noise and parasitic time constants f
That efficiency is probably attainable with careful component selection and transformer design, though only at moderate or heavy loads. Actual efficiency can only be estimated once the major power components have been selected though.
They don't have to be the same but it makes the math simpler. Correct - however, does this justify the dimensioning with equal components? I don`t think so - because this has severe disadvantages. selection of equal component values requires a fixed gain rater close to the stability limit (which is "3") and the fi
Is there a way to set Altium to select only component and not anything else like pads, nearby text or polygons? I'm used to OrCAD where click simply selects the components required to be moved. Thanx,
Hello everyone, I have a problem with Altium. When I try to select a component in PCB the area which is highlighted by this component is way broader then the component itself (like half of the screen). It also prevents me from selecting other components, or rather to say, it makes it really hard. Is it some kind of room? (...)
Hi I am new to op-amps design. I would like to know how can I mathematically predict the output of a design. I want to setup the design based on the suggested design but dont know how to select for the different values of the components. 90261
twin T is overloaded.. Connect it to + input. and R from - to virtual ground. Also Q if Notch is determined by mismatch of parts, so don't expect too high with this component selection. <1% desired.
Hi, A bit pointless making a component if you cannot solder it. Read the manufacturers datasheet on the component, that will give full details of soldering temperatures and time. Rule of thumb that has never failed for me with standard and smd components, count 1 ,2 ,3 seconds as you solder and remove the iron on 3, even if its not made, (...)
Hi, Got two questions, 1. Is there a general rule for selecting dimensions of components for RF circuits? I've heard lumped component dimensions should be less than lambda/10 at the operating frequency... is that true? 2. Can we have holes in a metal package of a microwave circuit which will not allow to leak RF signals? dimensio
Hello, I am new to EDAboard and magnetic component design and construction. I am trying to construct an SPWM full-bridge DC-AC inverter, I can design Transformers but I am confused on how to go about the Design and selection of core for the output filter that will remove the unwanted harmonics and convert the SPWM pulse train to pure sine wave at
Silk screen is 21/25 for top. 23 is needed to enable selection of devices. 27 could be included if you like but it isn't normal to include values. Which ones are actually used depends on what you choose to make the Gerbers. For example, you could use 21 but not 25 to show the outlines but not the component reference (for when there is no room f