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37 kHz where it was suppose to be 1MHz A simulator confirms 1 MHz is the correct resonant freq. If you believe this is holding back your progress, then you ought to test the LCC loop by itself isolated from other circuitry. It should reveal whether a component is the wrong value. If you find that it really doe
I've heard that it's possible to detect faulty electrolytic capacitors using ESR-meter without desoldering them from circuit. Will this work only with old single-purpose analogue ESR meters? Or can i measure ESR in-circuit even with the new popular atmel-based multifunctional testers like LCR-T7? These cheap devices are very very cool when it ca
LIBRARY ieee; USE ieee.std_logic_1164.ALL; USE std.textio.ALL; USE ieee.numeric_std.ALL; ENTITY Trial_test IS END Trial_test; ARCHITECTURE behavior OF Trial_test IS -- component Declaration for the Unit Under test (UUT) component Trial PORT( clk : IN std_logic; (...)
I'm struggling for the correct term of the square silver square with the yellow border. It would be awesome if you guys could help me out so I can order the component. 126318 I've found force sensitive resistors but these seem like a more complex version of what I have here. It responds to the slightest touch and t
HELLO, friends i have samsung laptop s3510similiar to (rv510) scalla 15ul is board and the backlight component is bad (led screen no light) because the flex cable was damaged 1)screen test ok 2)new flex installed(lcd flex) 3)data is present ok which component can be cause this any help please , i have checked over 2 days cant find (...)
We have high speed memory card that needs gave us 3 different options. Each adapter does the same thing but they have different quality. I need to check the quality of metal contacts how good they can perform during high speed transfers etc. T
can i use MS5308 LCR meter for in circuit component measurement. In circuit component test: check component value without removing them from PCB. i've seen many video of peak ESR70 , in peak ESR70 it is possible to measure in circuit component but i doesn't have inductance measurement and other feature (...)
ENTITY filter_tb IS END filter_tb; ARCHITECTURE behavior OF filter_tb IS -- component Declaration for the Unit Under test (UUT) component fir_4tap PORT( Clk : IN std_logic; Xin : IN std_logic_vector(7 downto 0); Yout : OUT std_logic_vector(15 downto 0) ); END COM
hi i have a rack mount board that there is a component on it but it doesnt have any information on it, please if here know any thing about it tell me or tell me how can i buy it, one them was broken!!! 117331 117332
Hi everyone, I have designed a simple QPSK transmitter to test the ACPR and EVM of my PA. However, I have some trouble with the component VtLFSR_DT in ads. ( ) Apparently the taps and seed will affect my results and I am still lost after looking at the guide as I am
what "suspect" did you eliminate ? a blowing fuse at startup is generally : - one or more diode shorted in the primary side - shorted mosfet primary side - bad esr capacitor at the primary - Shorted rectifier diodes in secondary circuits (which blown components in the primary then) you must test every component in the primary side if (...)
Hello everyone I have lmk04033b clock gen and according to evaluation board they create clock output schematic in picture below 110836 my question is there are some component in the picure is named "open" andall clock output lines are feeded by "VccCLKoutPlane"...should I use these "open" named components and should
UL requires a list of all component specs connected to earth ground and Ac power. for grounded cordsets, the ground entry to case resistance must be <100mOhm, which is easily achieved with welded stud with spade lugs bolted via threads. the HIPOT test must be done 100% on AC,powered units with an option for 10% higher voltage in 1sec or DC
Hi, The IEC60079-11 specifies that "A routine test shall be carried out on each completed barrier to check correct operation of each barrier component and the resistance of any fuse. The use of removable links to allow this test shall be acceptable provided that intrinsic safety is maintained with the links removed." Does anyone have an (...)
When testing any component, it is advisable to use the same test parameters used by the manufacturer, in this case , static and dynamic resistance for a standard current such as 10mA. As temperature rise , capacitive load and surge current all accelerate the rise in initial resistance, these must be factored in obtaining reliability (...)
Set it up like you intend it to operate, put a small voltage across it, measure current, do the math. Same as any tool or test equipment. Using the same basis as the component test method or the application will give you the most relevant result.
Hello friends, I have designed a class-E power amplifier for a DPQSK modulation. I want to test my circuit now, but I do not now how I should use a PSK modulation in ADS. Could you please help me? 106860 There is a M_PSK component in ADS which would modulates my data, but how I should use this component? Should I connect t
I've got a pro pcb with a component with the DIE word. Unfortunately I can't test it for resistance since it's still soldered to the board. 106353
Hi, We have done a component change in an existing IO (16 input & 16 outputs in same module) module due to obsolescence issue. We preferred to do radiated emission and radiated susceptibility testing on the module. The module is an IO module and for monitoring purpose during testing, we have looped back inputs and outputs and the blinking (...)
hello friends i have design the pcb use of ftdi chip but when i setup hardware my comport doesn't recognise any device. i have completely installed all driver and as describe in datasheet i have connection all component with all related value but com port is not detected ? where is the problem ? but when i have test UM232RL module then device