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Hi All, if we have an OTA, which can generate a current proportional to (Vin-Vout), I was confused from the detailed transistor level implementation. 122012 (1) If we have a capacitance load at the output, does that mean Iout=gm (Vin-Vout) only valid in AC domain? In another word, Iout will never has a
i don''t have any knowledge about pic programming. but i want to learn it. i buy one of the programmer G540 and pic 16f528a chip. now i want to program this chip. i download two thee of Hex file written for this pic16f628a chip.i loaded this one of file to the chip then coming error message like this. "'NON configARATION word IN THE HEX FILE. PL
I've got a pro pcb with a component with the DIE word. Unfortunately I can't test it for resistance since it's still soldered to the board. 106353
Hi guys, When I open specview from Specman Elite, it give me some errors as you can see on image attached. The error message: word too long. Failed running Specview's Java GUI. Thanks for your attention. 106346
Hi, As well as looking at the .INC file as mentioned by BigDog, also look in the TEMPLATES folder which gives you a bit of stater code for each chip. However do check the code, as the config line for the 877 has LVP=ON, normally it is OFF. Below is a simple assembler example just high lighting the key config Parameters / changes to the Defau
please help to see the attached picture. in the highlighted part, what is "single, multi-bit" ? is there anyone did this kind of high-speed dual-loop digital CDR before? Thanks! 91427
forgive me about my poor english. I want to know the difference between Architecture and Micro Architecture. 89730 this is my lecture note. i know the word Pipelining, Super scalar ... but I don't know the difference well. T.T please tell me clearly ~ using the word shown above.
You need to connect a bus to the existing but and then wires from that to the individual pins. Then add labels for the wire identifiers. 88633 Search for the word bus in isis manual
This is my code. I try many times but the Program not run. Can you help me fix it? Thanks. #include #include "delay.h" __config(FOSC_HS & WDTE_OFF & PWRTE_ON & MCLRE_ON & CP_OFF & BOREN_OFF & IESO_OFF & FCMEN_OFF & LVP_OFF & DEBUG_OFF); //1st config. word __config(BOR4V_BOR21V); //2st (...)
The word SPATTER means to break down to the smallest parts. In paints, see the image, when spreading with Roller or Brush this surface develops, the result of which is instability on longer life. Spatter Resistance: (from Rheology, Rheology=study of Liquids and semi solids in liquid shape) 63679 So spatter resistance is
Somehow, your picture cannot be enlarge ---------- Post added at 11:25 ---------- Previous post was at 11:25 ---------- Anyway, these are the settings using hitechC: // PIC18F4550/PIC18F2550 fuse configuration: // config word 1 (Oscillator configuration) // 20Mhz crystal input scaled to 48Mh
i am using pic18f2550 mcu how can i set __config as internal oscillator 8 bit ,clock 8mhz and ra6 as i/o port dont need to use usb how can i calculate TMR0L reset value for using it as a interupt counter pls help i have the following code is it correct __config(1, USBPLL & IESODIS & FCMDIS & INTIO); // config (...)
chanage XT to HS i do have such a problem i solved it like this. please write config word for more elaboration
Your code seems to be ok. It should show the different configurations of the Port Output depending on the key inputs. Just make sure the configuration word is correct. Sometimes it matters. (For ex: If you use the Internal oscillator, but configured to use a External Crystal in the config (...)
Yes you have to clear the the TRISB7 bit to make this pin output make sure about config word if DEBUG is enabled this pin may not function.
Your code has no config specs. In the Proteus simulation example you refer to, the config word is set with WDT is off, LP Osc and PWRTE enabled (not the default settings). If the Watchdog is on you will see resets during program execution which will cause funnies. However, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to drive PORTB <2:3> (...)
salam to all i m workin on PIC16F877A, basically its a part of my final year project i made its BURNER and fortunately its workin but the problem is tht how can i program its configuration word i hv its flash programming datasheet but tht procedure or algorithm doest work 1. programming mode 2. load config. command (00000) 3. (...)
Hi all, Has anyone programmed 18F44J10 or rather 18FJ family microcontrollers using PicKit2. I have a strange problem where the software is not able to load the configuration word and hence a faulty config word is programmed. Any solutions on this problems. Thanks, Pravin
Oh sorry, I correct my config word - all ok.
anyone have a link or a pdf file in which i can read about the master-slave configuration thru the serial port. i really need to get in dept info on this cause im building a rpject in which i will use 3 8051s and they need to be connected as one master and 2 slaves. thanx a mill. goose