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Do you have a link to the video? There's a how-to in the Help Centre on conformal patches. (Hope you have login!)
pls send some pdf file or tutorial on hfss for conformal antenna...i am using hfss 14
Hi all, I have some simulations of 3D structures, which are composed of an antenna array (conical array in fact). That I want to do is to use the radiation pattern of each element in a Matlab code, and do the all array pattern reconstruction. I already use the 3D antenna array factor: E(θ,ϕ)=∑_(n=1:N)∑_(m=1:M)^{
dear friends, i'm new to antenna design. currently i got to design a single antenna which covers bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi bands. i plan to print/design the antenna on the PCB. i come a across a antenna book explaining pros and cons of each antenna. the book is "design of ultra wideband (...)
Hi i am doing my research on conformal antenna design. i am designing an simple circular patch antenna using CST 2009 and trying to bend it, but the problem is i cant calculate the bending angle and radius of curvature. Basically, For which radius i will get which angle????? So will you guys give me some idea about how to calculate (...)
What about conformal antennas? For medium to small satellite.
Hi , Do any of u have idea of where to get substrate for conformal antenna ? and how?,what may be the price?
Hello Please, how to feed these CPW antennas in CST ? which port should i use ? to design conformal antennas with HFSS? the conformal antenna that i'm trying to simulate is 4square patch on the cylinderical surface.(coax feed) how can i fit this patch on the substrate? thanks.
sorry for my previous post, I missed your point. To increase the thickness of a conformal antenna I would duplicate the sheet, then add an offset and at the end use the loft function to make a conformal solid. It is maybe worth to give it a try (I don't have access to MWS this week-end).
Hello I'm new user of HFSS and I want to design a conformal antenna. my design consist to drow a cylinder wich composed of GND of outer raduis R and inner radius R-0.0001 then I drow another cylinder of outer raduis R-0.001 and inner radius R-0.0001-H where H is the heigh of the substrat. the DR is above the GND and the microstrip is under the s
Hello I'm new user of HFSS and I want to design a conformal antenna. when I drow a cylinder, it appear not parfect circle but like a segmentation as show in picture attached. So please can you tell me how can I increase the shape accuracy of the cylinder to have a parfect circle???????????
all, There must be an elegant way to do it. Mechanical Engineers might know 'folding algorithms', i.e take a 2D sketch and wrap it around ANY closed (or unclosed curve)
The main idea why satellite dishes are becoming flat is cosmetic mainly. Without forgetting any regulations etc. verilog_crack you can take any kind of antenna and make it in different form of antenna. This is what we call conformal mapping.
I am doing my project on conformal antennas and I need to simulate using CST. Can anyone share with me his design Thank you, Tarek
Hi, Does someone know how to simulate a conformal antenna using CST? I would like to draw a patch on a cylindrical structure. Thanks Couless
Hi ice.deepcold you can use LCP substrates for you microstrip antenna and I think you can use the conformal antenna design and analysis book. There is a Bsc student thesis in Queenland university that is about your idea I hope it'll be helpfull
Hello, Me and my partner are trying to design a conformal antenna but so far it has been hard to find a paper that walk us thru the process. conformal antennas is a new topic for me and that is why I need all the help I can get. How would you take a normal microstrip patch antenna array to a (...)
I also want to known how to draw it ,very urgent for my bachelor‘s thesis。 Could anyone so kind to supply an example about conformal microstrip antenna in HFSS 10. Many thinks ! !! Fulingsheng
Hi can anyone give the detail steps to design a conformal antenna using feko..Plz
Hi to all, I am simulating a conformal array antenna in CST. The model is vary large so it takes a long time. I would like to know if I can simplify my model. For example: The antenna has a surface (material = PEC) with a certain thickness. I would like to know if I can mesh only the surface rejecting the rest of the volume. In the case (...)
How I can draw and simulate conformal patch antenna in HFSS? I couldn't draw a microstrip antenna that was conformed to a cylindrical in HFSS. I would be pleased if you could help me
P. Jorna, H. Schippers, J. Verpoorte, “Beam Synthesis for conformal Array antennas with Efficient Tapering”, Proceedings of 5th European Workshop on conformal antennas, Bristol, September 11-12, 2007. L. Zhuang, A. Meijerink, C. G. H. Roeloffzen, D. A. I. Marpaung, J. Pe?a Hevilla, W. van Etten, R. G. (...)
Try these books "conformal Array antenna Theory and Design", Josefsson and Persson "Design of Nonplanar Microstrip antennas and Transmission Lines", Wong
this book is about conformal array antenna by persson.
conformal Array antenna Theory and Design (IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory) Summary: This publication is the first comprehensive treatment of conformal antenna arrays from an engineering perspective. There are journal and conference papers that treat the field of conformal (...)
Anyone could tell what's the benefits to use this software? As far as I know, none. Two of the main shortcomings are: 1) It is not of conformal type. It utilizes a staircase mesh. 2) It doesn't stop the the time domain simulation through checking the existing energy inside the simulated structure, nor does it use
Why my radiation pattern is not periodic when the stucture is periodic Please help me,Thanks!
how are these?
Hello. I have designed a conformal antenna for my theses. I am feeding it with coaxial cable. . The exciatation right now is a wave port. I have to place more antennas around the body and these must have phase shifted excitation. I have looked the things I can define in "wave port" excitation but I havent
i want to design a log-periodic antenna ,conformal with circular cone ,which style should i choose?/ any information can help me ,thanks
hi I was wondering if anyone knew of any had any formulas or if the properties of a PIFA antenna can be appllied to this, but for this type, itdoes not have a ground plane underneath, any insight on this type of antenna. The only thing I have been able to find is someone else post some slides from a conference from the authors.
when i simulate a conformal antenna, which is located on cylinder surface, a warning as " some critical cells have been expanded to full size ...". as results, parts of the antenna have been connected, even shorten to ground. what is the reason and how to solve this problem?
Hi I have designed a planar microstrip antenna and I wish to find out are there any ways to bend it to form a cylinder using hfss
HI, I would like to simulate conformal anetnnas with HFSS. Is it possible and how to do ? The conformal antenna that I am trying to simlate with HFSS is a square p.a.t.c.h antenna resonating at 7.55 GHz. How can I draw a conformal box ? Back to top
I think HFSS doesn't care whether your antenna is conformal or not. Just setup a model and let it run........
When I simulate this antenna, there is a warning like "some critical cells have been expanded to full size ... ", as a result, parts of the radiation fix or feeding strip hase been shorted to ground. Though I tried to change the mesh method, the warning exsists and the problem cannot been solved, WHY and HOW to solve this problem?[/q
I am trying to use HFSS and CST to modal a comformal microstrip antenna mounted on a cylinder substrate. I intended to use a coxial probe as excitation. I wonder how I can draw it out.
Hi all, I need help to design a simple antenna for amateur satellite Telemetry and control use. The antenna must be conformal and have a beamwidth of 70 degrees. It can operate in 432Mhz or 850MHz. Anyone can help or recommed any links on how to build one of these antenna? I have read the ARRL antenna (...)
Dear all, being a C/S/T user I have designed a microstrip antenna that I wish to implement in a cylinder, so I have to redesign and resimulate the whole thing. Having no special experience in CAD design I would like to know if anyone has done that before or knows a simple way to turn a design from planar to conformal without of course changing the
Is there any em simulator for the design of conformal (not planar) antennas? Thanks in advance.