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I heard first time gps module with SPI, Anyways Try going step by step first connect only gps module and then GSM. And display data received on LCD or any terminal for easy debugging.
i have problem with sim908 when i try to connect by gprs and also try to use gps, sim908 will reconnect and gps willbe off i use someat to power on gps inside my code but it will reset the module and it doesnt work please help me tnx
As i am using Sierra Wireless GSM gps module HL-6528-G2.8V, in which my module is taking gps frames and after filling it in my packet format ,it is sending this packet format on TCP towards server. I am using TCP connect, Packet send, TCP disconnect in this fashion cycle continuous with (...)
I am using a Positioning module that has a SMA port to hot plug an SMA antenna. It also has pins available through its foot print to connect a gps Antenna. The module name is . I was not able to spot a place in its data sheet that describes if both antennas can be connected at once. I want to solder a (...)
I've bought a SIM908C gps+GSM module recently. After some googling I'm confused using this device. As far as I found that this module has pair of Tx & Rx (One for module, One for gps). This is the main confusion to me. Should I connect these two UARTs or just main Tx,Rx will work? (...)
By parsing the required NMEA sentence and extract the required field. connect gps module to PC and capture a few NMEA sentences on Serial Terminal Software and post it here.
if the PIC18 has an internet connection (wired ethernet or WiFi) you can connect to a time server to get the date and time or if you have a modem use that
Hello I have sim908 module Actually i want to get gps data. is there any need to connect to the network first, via simcard or not ? when i try to connect to the network there is no success. I connected VBAT and GND and pulled down pwrkey. the status LED is on and the NETLIGHT LED is blinking 60ms/800ms (...)
1.) Agps: How exactly does a gps module connect to a local server in assisted gps mode (Agps)? In other words: I have a SIMCOM evb kit that has two antennas - main and gps one. I only need gps antenna for standalone mode, so my question is: do I need both (...)
Hi! I want to connect GSM modem (SIM 300) and gps module (SR90) to laptop via two USB-to-DB9 converter cables, for Proteus simulation using compim. I have two free USB ports on laptop for that. Here is the Proteus screenshot: 100968 As mentioned in this reply
First off, the gps which you have selected is really not good. Take my word for that. Speaking in more general terms, most of the gps modules use a TTL UART interface, typically 9600,8N1 protocol. What you need is just a microcontroller with UART. If you want to connect to a PC, probably the easies option would be to look (...)
Hey I am using gps module which can be interfaced directly to microcontroller i have connected the gps module to pc via hyperterminal and i am getting the output with nmea code.. but when i connect the same with uc and i am displaying all the values that are sent from the (...)
Try first to connect modem to PC and test some commands via Terminal program. Than check if your board sends AT commands correctly. Than connect board and modem and try to monitor communication between.
I am posting pictures below of the gps, gsm and max 232 modules. The problem is that the gps reliever has max 232 IC on the board itself, but the output given is in the form of rs 232 port. So, I bought a max 232 board. So, I think I should connect the two using male-male cable. Pls see the pictures and suggest Also, (...)
Can you please suggest a gsm module and gps module for an arduino board?? Cheap and best. Is a MAX232 chip required ? if yes, how to connect??
Hello, I want to connect mention module to MCU but I am not sure what to do with RTC backup supply. In my design it is not important to use this RTC so I want to just to fulfill "minimum requirements" for module to work properly. In datasheet there are 3 options: simple battery, rechargeable battery and super capacitor. Can I use simple (...)
Hello all, I know that SIM908 has not LNA in the gps section. What performance can be expected if I connect a passive ceramic patch antenna directly to the module? Any comments or experiences will be appreciated.
hi my problem is that i am beginner.... i want to connect gps with any of the devices..... should i directly connect pins of gps module with pic???? and computer??? and get the result at hyper terminal???? will it work? plz help me....
I am facing problem to interface gps and GSM module with only one microcontrolller. Lassen iq gps receiver is TTL convertor inside so is there need to connect MAX232 and RS232 and if not can I connect output of gps module to direct (...)
Hello! I purchased SIM5218E with EVB - and have some issues with lua programming Maybe someone can help with giving me hint. I'm able to connect to module via serial port and make a call, send sms, and get gps location via AT command. But when I write hello world LUA script (hello world app example from documentation: (...)