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Hi all, is anyone using QL-2006 programmer? I am facing the issue that the software unable to detect the programmer. I cant choose the COM port in the software. I had installed the driver which I can see the programmer is connected to COM9, but the software just cant detect it. Anyone know what's the solution for this problem? (...)
but it doesn't work Means what? unable to implement suitable diodes in CMOS process? How about diode connected MOS transistors?
Hi, I have a board with two SFP+ ports. These ports are connected to MGTs in the same bank of FPGA. When I use one port, everything is ok. For utilizing two ports simultaneously, I instantiated two PCS/PMA cores in the design and pass MGTREFCLK to both of them. but I got this error: ERROR:Place:1073 - Placer was unable to create RPM[BUFD
hi, i have purchased a LPC1343 development board. so i just want to know that at what speed my controller is working?? it has 12Mhz crystal oscillator connected with it. but it can speed upto 72Mhz. now i am unable to know at what speed my controller is currently working.. so please can anyone help me to find out its speed. Thank you
Just to check, both GPS_VCC_RF and GPS_VANT pins are not connected right?
Hi Friends, I am new for sim908 ,i have stm32f103 microcontroller and USART1 of microcontroller is connected to sim908's microcontroller so i dont know how to interact with sim908 by stm32f103 i read AT COMMANDS but i cant interface with sim908 and unable to send AT COMMANDS please if anybody have the solution tell application board designer
I am using SIM908 GPS_ANT pad to connection to an SMB connector from where it is connected to external(passive) GPS antenna. but SIM908 is unable to track even a single satellite. I have used other GPS modules and signal loss due to impedance mismatch can cause degradation of signal resulting in less satellites being tracked. (...)
The individual NAND gates work fine and give the correct output but - as you can see from the attached image - when everything is all hooked up the circuit isn't working. You'll find the answer by watching Logisim operation thorougly. It's simply unable to simulate series connected transistors correctly. This is already suggested
Hi murali, As said by vimal, the Q2 collector and emitter is connected reversely. Means Collector and emitter are interchanged. See the image. 60687
how can i get GDM1602A to work. I have connected the lcd to a pic16f648A. the simulation works well. but the hardware is unable to start. all i see on the display is blank. i've tried the contrast adjustment what i see is black screen. any clue about what i am missing? Thanks.
hi i am using tanner tools version12..n i often come across errors that tell me that some particular node is not connected properly..but the problem is m unable to find those nodes..i mean how do i noe that this particular node has this name... kindly help..its d frst time m using this software... thnku
hi can any one tell me how to blink led using c30 compiler on dspic30f3011, i have already tried it but unable to blink it. here is my code, this is not working :( i have connected led on 10 pin (RB8) #include "p30f3011.h" _FWDT(WDT_OFF); _FBORPOR(MCLR_EN & PWRT_OFF); int main(void) { TRISB = 0; ADPCFG = 0xffff; PORTB = 0
I have connected bus coupler BC9050 with PC, and program the PLC with TwinCat Plc control the program successfully runs with Bus coupler and bus terminals, but im unable to read or write PLC variables directly with visual basic 6, I use ADSOCX.OCX, but it does not read values, please tell me is it possible to read or write (...)
Me and many others have faced below mentioned error, but no one has posted the solution, Please help........ I am using a PIC16f882 with an ICD2 connected to PGD2 and PGC2. When I tell the ICD2 to connect to the target it does so without error, Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2 ...connected Setting Vdd source to target Target Device (...)
Most probably you got dry solder, trace short. :) Try to check the PCB's continuity. Some pins might not be connected properly or some might accidentally get shorted.
Hello, I have had DOGXL160 graphic display from Electronic Assembly with SPI port. I unable to run internal charge pump. Vlcd is still 0V. I was trying all modes extept I2C but without any success. Is here somebody experienced who can hepl me, please? On the same SPI I have connected a serial data flash which works well I have (...)
Is it possible to configure GCC linker so that it places local variables in external memory connected to some STM32 microcontrollers ? (high-density STM32 devices have the ability to connect external RAM) I searched through GCC and linker documentation but i was unable to find any relevant information.
hello, i am using sim300 based gsm modem.i want to interfac gsm audio with pc.i have handset connector and through 1:1 isolation transformer i connected it to pc. i am able to hear the audio played in the pc thorugh phone but unable to interface with microcphone,some humm noise is can i perfectly interface with microcphone.
hi ppl.. could you guys tell me how to fix this error by simulink?? It says " unable to checkout a license for the Communication Blokset" is it more of the problem related to the place of my work( i.e it doesnt have license) , but the chances of this being is very less s i am a student at Oregon state university. Please let me know how c
hi all, i am using Tata indicom usb modem. firstly it is connected to VINCULUM usb host controller then usb controller connect to PIC24FJ128GA010 controller. but i am unable to get response of CDMA modem. if anyone has some document related with this problem or "AT" command set for cdma modem. then please help me to solve this (...)