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I have build an c# application which connects to an embedded mcu based hardware via uart communication . I have used mcp2200 i am connecting the system as follows : mcu tx-rx --->max232----->db9 female connector ----> dm9 m connector on module pcb---->max232 on module pcb ---->mcp2200 on module pcb-----> usb connector on module pcb ----->ca
You implementation is correct. You need max232 for connecting pic to pc. Google is your best friend. Search this forum first. You can find lot of information here.
The most probable cause is that you are not cross connecting the Tx/Rx lines and you have two outputs connected together. Is it connected
Frstly - thank you for using the MPLAB template, it makes the program far more readable and logical than we often see. No circuit will work without power so as suggested earlier, the PIC and max232 are continuing to run on energy stored in the power supply capacitors. If it causes you a problem, try connecting the reset (MCLR) pin through suitable
No they are not protocols, they are functional devices, available as integrated peripherals or discrete devices. UART and USART are basiclly the same, they do the same job of converting serial data but the 'S' (synchronous) means it can also package and extract bits at a speed decided by an external cloock as well as an internal one. It's a confu
Which GSM modem i have to use here.. ?? as i making SMS based notice board and i m connecting the GSM modem wid AT89c52 ?c wid the help of max232 IC n RS 232 cable.. so Please help me sir which modem will i have to use here, which is reasonable also.. plz reply me
I don't think there i any problem with your first code, but with your connection. Try connecting pin 25(PIC) to pin 11(max232).
I want to connect the RFID reader ID12 that I have with PC using the serial Port (max232 & DB9 connector). The ID12 that I have with me is the simple one and not the "RW" reader. Here's the pin diagram of I have tried to connect it with max232 with following connections:-
ok ill try this tomorrow....because i have to get a female socket.....i will connect the db9 to the pic via a max232 ic and use hyperterminal to troubleshoot it am i right? ---------- Post added at 06:54 ---------- Previous post was at 06:06 ---------- i just would like to ask....i read in ur earlier post fo
Hi, I m connecting SIM300 Module with Hyper terminal using max232 circuitry. But when i open the terminal, it shows random ASCII characters before pressing any key as well as after pressing any key. Can anyone please help me in this ?
for connecting PIC to PC u need to use max232 ic.. here is the
dear sir pls help me out in connecting my gsm module to the Arduino AT328.. this is my GSM modem and its details.. 70858 This is a plug and play GSM Modem with a simple to implement RS232, TTL Serial and USB interface. Use it to send SMS, make and receive calls, and do other GSM operations by simple AT commands through a
hello sir, please help us... how to connect dtmf decoder and mobile phone & microcontroller
hi, guys i am connecting gsm module to pc hyper terminal that time it is working but when i am coonection it to microcontroller rx and tx pin it is not working.:wink::wink: why ? any special circuitory is envolved in it or handshaking signals are required. any one can help me to short out this problem?:lol::lol:
its just connecting to serial port and configuring the bauud rate properly. You dont need any interfacing as the module and your 8051 board will have MAX 232 in it. The zigbee module should have a max232. check if it is there or not. If it is there then directly you can connect.
Both are fine. Check tx and rx while connecting gsm and microcontroller. You have to swap tx and rx.(Null modem connection)
I had never problems operating RS232 with a fanout of two, connecting a second max232 or similar receiver to an operating RS232 link to acquire the data through a simple Y-cable. I don't love to make a simple thing complicated by adding superfluous hardware.
Flip tx and rx lines while connecting PIC to modem Nandhu
Hi friends, I have a microcontroller evaluation board (STmicroelectronics). This board is connected to the PC through the USB. But I want to connect this board to PC through UART (serial communication RS232). I found a USB to UART converter (FT232RL made by FTD Inc.) . Can I connect this converter to the microcontroller evaluation board
Hi I am currently doing a school project involving underwater communications. We are assigned to 1 'DSPCOMM' acoustic modem but we have problem communicating between the 2 modem. I have tried connecting PC to acoustic modem via RS232 but it does not work. I have tried sending signals through max232 to acoustic modem it does not work. Do